Announcing the winners of the 2007 Circuit-Bending Challenge!

Note: All the entries were excellent, and we have a little prize lined up for all of you, not just these top picks. *See below for details

It was very hard to choose three winners from all of the entries- the variety and quality of submissions was amazing. So, we tried to select those that most embodied the spirit of the contest- creativity, within a set time limit, and using only those materials that can be scraped together quickly.

And that didn’t narrow it down much. It was a tough call to be sure, and it makes me think that we’ll be seeing increased stiff competition next year. So, while these three will receive a special prize, we’ve got something lined up for everyone who participated.

Without further delay (ahem), here are the top 3 entries in no particular order:

George Lazenbleep‘s Mini Furby:

El Colin‘s Bent Guitar:

And Squelchbox‘s “The 15 Puzzle”:

Since I forgot to do this at the beginning of the contest-
everyone who entered, please use the createdigitalmusic contact form and send us a message containing the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your display name
  • The piece you submitted to the contest
  • Your address and contact info (email is fine)

I will be in touch to make sure you receive your prizes in the mail.

Thanks again to everyone for participating, thanks to our generous prize-donating benefactors, and let’s do this again next year!

  • Congrats to the winners, especially El Colin, who really knows how to rock a plastic guitar.

  • Fin

    Congratulations you three!

  • Congrats everyone for bending on a Sunday 😉 Was my most productive Sunday in a long time.

    When is the next?

  • coolout

    El Colin fuckin' rocks!!!!

  • Congrats winners 🙂 Was a good competition. Hopefully there will be more challenges, for bending and other explots.


  • I cannot believe my eyes! I feel like I just won an oscar…(I didn't even know this was a contest at first- I just thought we were all rockin' it hardcore – that, we did!)

    Thanks for all your comments and to cdm and getlofi – this made me so happy. Everyones entries were awesome cant wait to see more.

    i'll post the connections on my blog but most of it is coming out of a nasty looking scrap transistor thing – i dont even know whats going on in there. till next time…

  • Congrats every one!

    I vote for a Christmas theme challenge for December!


  • Agreed. Have bend holiday themed toys and decorations contest. I'm down.

  • If you bend them, I will post them. Maybe not so much with the prizes next time though- I'm going to get killed on postage to all those foreign countries.

  • Congratulations to the winners – well deserved.

    A great concept – looking forward to more.

    If anyones interested – it's discussed on this weeks podcast (Hope this link is ok Peter/Micheal)


  • @Nick- that's great!

    Everyone- John from HighlyLiquid has told me he's giving a MIDI kit to all the winners. Sweet!

  • Totally will be more challenges. I love the holiday-themed idea.

    Thanks for the link, Nick!

  • McFadden

    To Colin it's your cousin Tommy congrats. Its crazy that I'm sitting in jersey watching you in Korea rocking a plastic guitar, Not sure how u do it but it was cool. Congrats to everyone Col give me a call when u get this and have a chance. TJ

  • Aahzekiel

    Suggestion for the next event:

    Bend at least one new piece, and create a new musical composition featuring your new instrument. Submit documentation and audio… or get really hip and make a music video for your song combining the documentation of the bend and your performance of the piece. 🙂


    One week? This works well for, have had fun doin' those.

  • Aahzekiel, that is the best proposal I've seen thus far. Taking it up a notch, I like that.

  • i would love to be a pop star

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  • Hey all. The day after I found out I co-won I had to go out of town for work for a few days but I just wanted to drop a line and thank everyone involved. The idea of getting a cool prize for bending kinda blows my mind. I live in a city where I’m the only bender I know of so it ends up being a somewhat personal introverted kind of hobby and I really love opportunities to be part of the bending community.

    I’d also be more than willing to pay any shipping expenses. I can imagine how that piled up and caught you off guard. Let me know.

    Thanks again all!


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