CDM contributors Liz McLean-Knight and Michael Una will be presenting at Dorkbot Chicago this month, which falls on Wednesday, November 28th.
As always, it will take place at the excellent Deadtech, 3321 W. Fullerton Ave. in Chicago.

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Here’s what you’ll see:

A self-proclaimed “multi-hyphenate,” Liz McLean Knight–the sole woman behind Quantazelle–is thoroughly immersed in technology, fashion, music, and the often-surprising overlaps between. She will be demonstrating and discussing the art of “micro-sampling” and other swell digital music production techniques. Once she gets going, this whole thing might turn into a dance party.

Michael Una, an audiovisual artist whose work “investigates how vibrating waves of energy and human consciousness interact” will present simple-but-effective techniques for controlling audio software and hardware with inexpensive, commonly found devices like QWERTY Keyboards, video game joysticks, and bicycles.

In addition to the knowledge we’ll be droppin’, beer and pizza will be served. W3rd.

  • Pier

    Damn… why don't I live in Chicago?


  • Dammit, I don't know how to drive!

    Anyone going from the Twin Cities to Chicago want a giant in their trunk for 5 hours?

  • emmett

    chicago dorkbot is the worst advertised event ever, i've been trying to go to a meeting for months now but i'm never actually able to find information on it. thanks for posting

  • Juan

    I dont know, i went to a darkbot presentation in Mexico City and i have to tell you guys that it was the worst ever.

  • poopoo

    @emmett.. did you join the mailing list? That is the best way to keep up with the dorks.

    @juan.. did you present anything? Want to make it better then make something interesting yourself and present it.

  • Juan

    Im sorry if offended you. I was just stating that what i saw/listened/felt there were nothing near a serious project, there was one guy playing a sine wave for like 45 minutes and i really dont think that was "something interesting".

    But hey, i really wish you guys good luck at least.

  • I'd like to say that I attended last night at it was really fun. There was some interesting stuff- spectacles and just plain good ideas and info.

    The self-playing guitar was there! Also, there was beer and pizza, too. So I'd say success all around.