While on the subject of free music listening, in case you haven’t seen this yet, TuneCore has a free mix album up on iTunes — 33 tracks for free, from everybody from Public Enemy (whoo!) to the awesomely-named Harry and the Potters:

TuneCore Free Album

The only bad news: DRM-equipped tracks, so get ready for the burn and re-rip trick if you want them to be truly free. (Odd that you’d want DRM on a free track, huh? Hopefully this is a trend whose end is near…)

In other news, TuneCore is also doing music video sales. It’s just one step, but it’s clear that artists will have ever-expanding options as far as promoting themselves and adding direct revenue streams. We cover that over on Create Digital Motion (which is back up on a shiny, new server!):
iTunes, Video Marketplace? TuneCore Does Music Videos

Note that this is unfortunately US-only. Why is free so hard?

  • Andreas

    Bad news 2: US only.

  • Ah, good point. Well, and that's another problem with iTunes as distributor. On the other hand, from the artist point of view, you can still reach the sizable US market. I think what's likely to happen, though, is that artists will increasingly look at ways of doing sales that are instantly global, rather than having to fragment by locality as the industry currently requires. It'll be the industry's responsibility to catch up.

  • Paul Carrasquillo Cr

    this is good