CDM World Tour: catch up with Mike and Liz in Chicago, and Peter and Jaymis in Perth and Brisbane (Australia)!

Dorkbot Chicago

Any CDM-ers in the Chicagoland area are most warmly invited to this months Dorkbot at Deadtech, 3321 W. Fullerton Ave., on Wednesday at 8pm for food, drink, and brain-swelling information regarding micro-sampling and alternative musical controllers like QWERTY keyboards, game joysticks, and bicycles.

This week’s presenters will be Liz McLean-Knight and Michael Una, contributors to CDM.

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See you there!

ByteMe, Perth; CDM Me, Brisbane

Byte Me FestivalAustralia is CDM’s second home, land of crazy creative contributors and designers, and birthplace of the CDM logo and graphic identity. And now I get to go there.

First up is an epic visualist festival in Perth, 11/30 – 12/9. (Jaymis and I arrive 12/2.)

ByteMe Festival

Okay, odds are, you aren’t anywhere near Perth, as it’s supposedly the most isolated city on the face of the Earth. But on the off chance that you are in/near Perth, you’ll definitely want to come out for this one. Visualists like Artificial Eyes and Jean Poole, not to mention festival organizers VJZoo, join a convergence of visual artists from game development to experimental film and motion graphics and special effects. I’m on a panel Wednesday night, but mostly Jaymis and I will be hanging around covering the festival and chatting with cool people. And we get to see whether our first in-person meetup creates a geek matter-antimatter temporal singularity.

12/10 – 12/14 we return to Brisbane, and odds are far likelier that you live there. There’s talk of doing some kind of music event in Brisbane. If you’re interested in helping us organize even a casual meet-up, Brisbanites, let me know. -PK

  • Wes

    man why doesn't stuff like this happen in Victoria BC . i'd give my left nut to see this

  • Dude – sydney is where its at!

    We have the sites, the food, even the traffic (ok so I hear victoria has better food…) – but more importantly i'm in Sydney!

    I'm sure you could swing by when you're out this way…

  • MonksDream

    As someone from Vancouver, BC I second that!

    I'd be happy to help set up something on this end. Perhaps as part of the NewForms Festival we do here:

    Peter – How does one go about setting something like this up?

  • Wes

    Haha guess what i just moved to Victoria a month ago from a year of music school in Australia, what timing :s lol.

    Missed the VEMF and now i find out about this

    New Forms Festival too which was sept.

    AAaahh so bummed. k MonksDream i'm wit ya, more then down to get something over here going.


  • Hmmm, and Perth and BC are a short 9000 miles from one another. 😉

    But yes, I'd definitely be up for continuing the world tour. I'd love to come for next year's New Forms Festival! Been to Victoria / Vancouver and love the area, as well. How to set it up … basically, contact me, peter (at) create digital music.

  • Oh, yes, and I hope this will be my *first* trip to Australia, not my last. In fact, if anyone has any good tips on knocking yourself out (Tylenol PM is my current choice), I'm happy to do it regularly. 🙂

    So, Sydney / Melbourne are high on the list for my next trip.

    But North America is all pretty easy to get to, of course, so hope I'll be doing that more.

  • Simon

    Woo hoo … something cool in Perth! Trust me, that's quite an oddity (having lived here for most of my 33 years). I'll try to make at least the Thursday event – if I do I'll drop in and say hi.

    Feel free to email me for any Perth info (I presume you can pull my email address out of the forum system).


  • Simon

    Actually … that's not true; we did have Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea in town on the same weekend a few months ago.

  • @Peter – coming from someone about to be registered as a doctor –> tylenol PM would be knocking you out due to the sedating antihistamine (Diphenhydramine) in it… the acetominophen in there is just for pain relief/antipyretic – i.e wont make you drowsy

    so you could grab any sedating antihistamine.. i'm sure they sell that particular one as a single agent… keep in mind… i'm not registered yet (few weeks yet)… and this doesn't constitute medical advice! no lawsuits thanks! =P

    have fun


    p.s. sydney is still the place to be!

  • i should add – that its not advisable to take such things all the time.. will muck up ones sleep cycles… infact… best way to sleep mroe is just to do exactly that.. regular times etc… just for a plane trip probably isn't so bad…

  • That's okay, I have allergies, too. So a quick hit of antihistamine sounds good to me. I won't dope up on Benadryl regularly … non-drowsy stuff like Claritin works better with my allergies anyway. 😀

  • Tim Le Souef

    YEW! You could have knocked this West Aussie over with a feather when he read about this. I'm there!