Thank you, Edirol. While some of your competitors lag months behind OS updates or fail to release drivers for some products entirely — not naming any names (I assume our readers will do that in comments) — Edirol has really been on the ball. (Also on our good list driver-wise: RME and MOTU, among others.)

Edirol announced today they have drivers ready for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, available for immediate download. What’s covered? Edirol says they’ve got updates “for their entire range of controller keyboards, field recorders and audio interfaces, including the ground-breaking M-16DX digital audio mixer.” Okay, I can’t personally vouch for whether the M-16DX is ground-breaking or not, but I expect owners of it will be very pleased the latest-and-greatest from Apple is supported.

Other driver updates, anyone? So far, we’ve heard people are doing pretty well with most of their equipment, whether it’s officially “supported” on Leopard or not — though I have heard about issues with M-Audio. Anyone else? (Updated: Wait, strike that — M-Audio hardware sounds like it’s working reasonably well for most, as is PreSonus. I should get to test my Focusrite soon. The one big troublemaker: Alesis. And we’re still seeing some isolated interface bugs. I still say wait for a few more weeks before leaping, but that said, most people are having a pretty smooth experience.)

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  • NI has been quietly releasing Leopard-related updates – Absynth 4.0.4 and Massive 1.1.2 so far. I hope the rest will follow soon…

  • NI promised updates by the end of the year, so that makes sense — and the end of the year is now, well, really soon!

    I'm holding off on Leopard for these reasons; it did seem to do some strange stuff to interfaces, etc. It's a bigger upgrade under-the-hood than I think a lot of people realize.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Alesis has beta drivers (iO/14 & iO/26) for Leopard. I guess they fixed the audio, but broke the MIDI inputs somehow.

    Ugh. Guess that's what I get for buying a $400 interface. Should've went with MOTU.

    It is me, or is Numark/Alesis/Akai turning out to be a fucking joke these days?

  • maz

    I can say that M-Audio's Torq and Connectiv work on leopard. I upgraded the laptop yesterday and after installing the latest releases got them to work pretty well.

    Not sure about other products.

    My FA-101 worked without any special updates.

    So did my RemoteSL/25.

  • the presonus firebox is doing just fine

  • AugustusOctavius

    My Oxygen 8 needs drivers MAudio. Come on Pro Tools! Where's that annoying audio thing I need to use my mbox to play anything other than music apps? Argh. This is starting to remind me when I had Panther and everything sucked until I got Tiger.

  • The official info says that "Existing EDIROL MIDI Drivers were tested and found to be fully compatible with Mac OS 10.5". So there are actually NO new drivers, it's just that Apple did not break anything, which is very good.

  • *cough* M-Audio.

    Please, guys? Please? My favorite part:

    Whenever you're asked for your OS anywhere on the site, OS 10.5 isn't even an option. Not very comforting 🙁

    I miss recording my music…

  • My M-Audio Firewire 410 is working fine with Ableton Live 6 in Leopard. In fact although dated months ago when you install the latest 410 driver in the readme there is a note about 10.5 adjustments.

    AugustusOctavius – Your Oxygen 8 doesn't work in Leopard?

  • My M-Audio Oxygen8 does not work under Leopard. First and last time I'll ever buy an M-Audio product.

  • I'm likewise done with M-Audio products. Their lack of support for the FireWire 1814 on Leopard is simply unacceptable given its price range.

  • FHX1274

    M-Audio is on my bad list for a while now… They never updated their Revolution 5.1 drivers for Tiger… (OK there is a beta release from sept. 2005, but it panics the kernel often when playing back a DVD). A card I bought 2 months before Tiger was released.

    Now M-Audio greets us with almost the same message they used when Tiger got out "Due to the nature of software and driver development, we are not able to provide exact dates for when specific drivers will become available"… yeah, ok, come on now, everybody has had the Developer Preview for about a year ! Motu got their drivers fixed months ago.

    Unfortunately, I bought a Firewire 1814 at about the same time of the Revolution. So once again I'm holding my system upgrade because of M-AUDIO.

    Oh, and don't count too much on their support team also.. they've never been able to simply tell that they would never update the Revo drivers. And their client service never answered my emails…

  • aaron

    maz, i've done just about everything i could to get my torq and connectiv working on leopard, but i've had no luck whatsoever. i haven't tried using my trigger finger yet, but i'm not optimistic given others' experience on this comment page. i've always been a fan of m-audio, but my faith is dwindling as i write this, i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll come through soon

  • Nick

    Got the same problem with my Ozone. There's no signal after installing Leopard. Strange enuff my TriggerFinger does work.

    I wonder how long its gonna take them for these drivers. Will never purchase m-audio hardware again..lazy bastards!

  • Likewise, my M-Audio MIDISPORT4x4 stopped working under Leopard. I spoke to a tech at M-Audio this morning (12/06/07) and he had no information about the release of updated drivers. He couldn't even tell me if their Beta Test program included drivers for the product line. In strong contrast, MOTU seems to have their act together (no issues with the 828MkII interface on Leopard).

  • Jakob

    I have this weird problem with my Firewire Audiophile. After installing Leopard, when I start my Macbook Pro a small notice pops up in the left lower corner saying it's installing new firmware. Then this semi-opaque "curtain" rolls down over the entire screen and shows a dialog box prompting me to restart my computer by holding down the on/off button for a few seconds. This just results in my mac cutting power, not shutting down properly, and next time I start I have the same problem. I'm new to Mac, but this Vista-style intervention method, where absolute nothing is clickable behind the "curtain" scares me. Anyone have similar experiences?

  • @Jakob:

    What you're experiencing is called a kernel panic, and it's the Mac OS X equivalent of a Windows Blue Screen of Death. When you see that screen, something's gone wrong from which the OS cannot recover, and your only option is to reboot. It sucks to see, for sure, but that's what it is.

  • Hi

    I have a problem with M Audio 410. i is not working under leopard 10.5. M Audio is supposed to be a good product but it seem that it take a while to move with the technology.

  • Ostinato


    I have the same problem with M-audio 410.Is not working on my mac book.I talked with one of the guys at the support team and they don't know when the drivers will be available.

  • I was able to get my FireWire 1814 to (mostly) work last night. I posted how I did it here:

    YMMV. I assume something similar will work for the 410. Word from M-Audio support is that there is NO ETA, but that qualifying Leopard is their highest priority (which I think is BS, since they've dropped a Vista driver, and several USB things but not this…)

  • Where are the dam M-Audio drivers? This is taking way to long!! What is wrong there??? Project Mix freshly boughten before release of Leopard and now this…. lame lame shame…. M-Audio normally has good drivers in my opinion…. but the lack of is very annoying…


    when, when, when???

  • effin Izzy

    My experiences with M-Audio has always been lame.

    Lame, Lame, Lame (and not the "good" lame one finds in their Lib).

    When I last spoke with tech support, the kid was stoned out of his mind…"uh, yo, dude, ummmmm, uhhhh, wait, what? Sorry- but what was the product?, oh, no. I mean problem? oh, man…" (actual recorded transcript). So, pardon me for not taking this company very seriously.

    On the other hand:


    Sure they have thier problems, but they SOLVE most of them.


    [insert laugh track here]

    Not even "pebbles"

    or "sand"…

    (maybe mud is more fitting).