If you missed the chance to make a custom Monome kit the first time, you’ll get a second chance! From the Monome site:

the 40h kit allows users to assemble their own 40h-compatible device. the kit includes the circuits and keypads, requiring the use to create an enclosure and top plate. we produced 100 units of each kit in june of 2007. they sold out in september.

we’ll begin taking orders and shipping a new batch on november 30th at 1pm EST.

Monome kit

The 40h kit: your best bet if you fancy assembling your own Monome and your own case rather than unboxing a pre-assembled unit of this unique controller.

And in other news, the fully-assembled Monome One Twenty Eight is due December 14, just in time for holiday shopping. (Trust me, getting your order in then is probably more fun then going to Kohl’s for Black Friday deals at 4AM Friday must have been. Don’t ask, foreign readers — it’s an American thing.) The more affordable Sixty Four is coming in January.

Monome Availability

If you’ve got a Monome kit creation of your own, we’d love to see it. And yes, look for my own Monome kit creation by the beginning of January.

  • Mike

    okay…so for a newb to monome…which kit would be required to make a full 40h?

  • It is the 40h kit that they've got … the rest of the units there are all pre-assembled.

    This tells you everything you need to know about the kit:

  • Mike


    I was referring to the difference between the Keypad Kit and Logic Kit, but I see now that I'd probably want both. Cool. I found out about this thing a while ago…hopefully I can actually handle this thing.

  • hey peter – my kit's been done for a little while but i figured i'd share never the less.


    also, i've been making bottom enclosures similar to mine by commission for some users on the .

  • mundanereality

    so how difficult to a noob to assembling this kind of stuff would it be to add velocity sensitive pads

  • @mundanereality: pretty darn hard. If you want to hack your monome, I suggest one of the features documented on their site:

    That data actually looks like it's being migrated around the site, but still seems to be your best bet.

    @Mike: yeah, you probably want both.

  • Mike

    how easy is it to put this whole thing together without messing it up?

  • If you go to the kit link, you can actually look at step-by-step instructions with photos.


    I wouldn't recommend it as a first-ever project. But I wouldn't say it's hard, either. Really, most of the work is figuring out how to build an enclosure. If you're comfortable with that, I'd say go for it. If you don't have any sense of what you'd do for the enclosure, there's not much incentive to go with the kit, as enclosure creativity is kind of the main draw.

  • i couldn't find a price for the new kit on their site…

    am i just blind?

  • oh never mind…

    logic kit $110

    keypad $140

  • I bought the logic kit and it was my first project. It's definitely doable, but watch some soldering videos on YouTube first.

    As Peter noted, the enclosure is the hard part. I had major help with my enclosure as seen here.