AudioFinder sound editor

Speaking of sample management on the Mac, AudioFinder, the popular sample utility, is now in beta of its version 4.7. The new release integrates a basic waveform editor for quick adjustments to sound files. From the software’s forum:

This is not a new audio editor to compete with Peak, DSP Quatro or Wave Edit. This is a utility to save time editing samples. It has a maximum file length limit of 30 minutes. It is 32bit floating point. It saves all files as AIFF, and soon CAF.

AudioFinder 4.7 Beta
Sounds good to me. Could be especially handy editing my Ableton Live clips and samples and such.

  • dinerdog

    This is an awesome program. Anyone who's been using it can't do without it. It is VAST. It can do so many things, that most of us are only scratching the surface. People should download the demo and try it. Among MANY other things, you can instantly convert any sound to an EXS patch, drag and drop any audio you want from your chosen file. I think there's a Quicktime movie of Iced doing just that and import into Live.

  • Miah

    just bought this program do to the trial beta . This is something I have been looking for. I've been waiting for the realeas of Audio Ease's snapper… but I got this in the meantime and it seems to have much more …

  • Thomas Cermak

    Lovin' the demo. I'm going to buy it.

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  • DJ Mangled Homeboy

    Can anyone suggest me an alternative for Windows XP users?