Plug N Play – ByteMe Festival – Perth from Create Digital Media on Vimeo.

Being in Perth, Australia with some of our favorite VJs/visualists was a real inspiration. We’re still processing some of that inspiration — and, literally, all the footage and words we captured while there. One highlight was undoubtedly the Byte Me Festival’s Plug and Play night Thursday. Plug and Play is a regular event in what is supposedly the world’s most isolated city, an open jam for visuals. It reminded me of the open video mixers we’ve had in New York at Share and formerly at Eyewash, but it benefits from being dedicated, as the name suggests, to a full evening of visuals. (Maybe it’s time to follow up our Handmade Music events with Handmade Motion.)

This particular evening, though, was really a global event:




Jean Poole

Chris McCormick

VJ Lambency

Roly Skender

It represents people from all around the Australian continent, plus the United States and Europe. Here are some glimpses of the evening, featuring custom tools in Pd/GEM and Quartz Composer, but focusing on the extended ambient audio + visual set by Solu. (Solu had not only meditative visuals to watch but, along with the other VJs, some reflections on visualism in general; more on that soon.)

Plug and Play Perth

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  • grigori

    Great stuff Peter, thank you for finally posting this up! 🙂 This post is a bit like putting more oil onto fire in some respect.. cheers for it!



    that looks awesome! I have always wanted to do things like that, but the only thing I'm wandering about is that what do you do about audios? dose vjs has to bring their own audio, or the even supplies the audio?

  • Hi Evilbento, it depends on the VJ! In that video, Solu is producing her own audio, and the rest of the audio is coming from a DJ who played for the night.