It has happened! Peter and I are finally inhabiting adjacent physical spaces, which is cause for Considerable Excitement amongst ourselves and the assembled visualistadors.

Yesterday was extremely busy as we flew from Brisbane to Perth, found our hotel, found my gear, setup and soundchecked for a little post-opening-party gig with Bobby, charged to and from the accommodation to change, warmed up, put on a mediocre performance and hyped down just in time to meet up with Michael and Todd of They took Peter, myself, Jean Poole and DPWolf back to their hotel room and plied us with the latest and coolest VJ gear, including the Vixid VJX16-4, VMS, and their soon to be released software, Thrill. After this we were treated to an impromptu VJ set from MoRpH with Michael and Todd, projected with 3 VMS systems on a neighbouring building.

We’ve all spent the morning hanging out in Perth’s amazing TigerTiger Cafe, getting our internets on and discussing the current and future states of the visual world. This evening ByteMe is screening the documentary Figwit.

  • NERDS!!!!

    Ha ha…wish I was there!

  • meatspace! hahaha where did you get that word from?
    There was a show called crossballs or something like that, and they interviewed a "gamer" he kept saying that word it was hillarious.

  • Meatspace is a Cyberpunk term – – I probably would have cribbed it from William Gibson or someone similar.

  • grigori

    nice propaganda shots… now for the after party shots please 🙂

  • Zac

    Still waiting for the Sydney VJ Extravaganza…

    Or at least a Segue gig : (

  • @Zac: Well, there's a Segue gig coming up at the Gold Coast – we've just been announced for the Big Day Out there.

    There's loads of VJs in Sydney, surely you guys can all get together and create something extravagant!