Premiere Pro and Soundbooth both appear to function on Leopard, but Adobe has nonetheless squashed some bugs in updates for each program. Links to each over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Keep those compatibility reports coming. We’ve heard some general frustrations with Leopard (as can happen with any OS update), and ongoing specific issues with M-Audio products. Digidesign Pro Tools 7.4 remains unsupported on the new OS. (Note that “unsupported” doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work, as one reader observes.) I’m running Leopard here successfully on a MacBook Pro. It’s working nicely, and there are some nifty usability improvements, but on the other hand I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to make the leap when Tiger works so well.

  • I'm running Pro Tools 7.4 on Leopard over here just fine.

  • John

    I was just over at the t.c. electronics forum. People have been complaining about problems with their konnekt 8 and konnekt 24d hardware and leopard. Officially they stated that they aim to release a week 50 (real soon now) beta driver that will fix these issues.

  • David

    Still no 10.5 drivers for the M-Audio Firewire Solo, but it was good to see the Windows driver refresh. The Solo has to upload a unique firmware when running under OS X or Windows. The new drivers more explicitly show the firmware upgrade process in Windows (which used to be silent), which makes it less easy to brick the Solo when switching OS's.

    Now come on, M-Audio, get with those 10.5 drivers.