CDM receives all sorts of fascinating emails, and it’s about time — especially in the spirit of holiday giving — that we share them.

Cheryl writes us:

interested in your dj11.My son who has the gifted ear for music has it on his x-mas list.Wondering if this is too much tecno for a precussor to a it guy with a great ipod at partiesand playing around at home

Is it too much techno? If you have the gifted ear for music, please share your advice, if you can think back to those innocent, young days when you were but a wee precursor to an IT guy.

In other news: what’s a dj11? Think I might want one, too.

  • J Bogart


  • jackson

    Wow! Do you really receive a lot of letters that poorly written? I don't even know what this person is trying to say… Anyway, I say there's never such a thing as too much Techno.

  • Maybe she means too much "technology?" As a dad of an eight year old who enjoys Live and Reason as much as I do, and who picks out crappy LPs at the Salvation Army so he can "wikka wikka" and "lay down beats" with them on my turntable, I agree, never enough Techno.

    I think the distinction comes between passive technology that allows a kid to merely be a consumer, and active tech that allows a kid to be a maker. Video games, ipods, and cell phones aren't anything I'm excited to get for the kids. But he uses my old Powerbook all the time and I'd love to get him a Kaossilator. When and if he asks for a couple of Stanton decks or a Virus TI, (or a DJ11 whatever that is), watch out!

  • nylarch

    There is clearly too much Tarnce. We may have a few more months to play with w/r/t Techno.

  • I wonder if it's just 3-5 am blog madness that causes incapacitated or intoxicated readers to conjure up a hobbled communication?

  • bishyb

    Can never have too much techno 😉

  • Blaspheme! Never too much techno. But I concur with the statement concerning trance. Though i guess i can forgive him based on his obvious lack of english skillz. I bet it was just a non-english speaker wanting the best for his kid and desperately reaching out to you peter in his moment of need. Such a cruel world.

  • Well after 17 seconds of Googling, maybe the "DJ11" mystery is solved.

    It's either this or this. Be careful with that second one though. And I don't think anyone really wants that.

    Well maybe IT guys.

  • Mike
  • My best guess is she actually means the Numark iDJ2, not a tuner pedal. (Maybe the dude used Roman numerals on his wish list.)

    Do we receive a lot of emails like this? Yes. Yes, we do.

  • Mike


    you mean a tuner pedal isn't useful for DJing??

  • how could you make sure your decks were in tune if you didn't have a tuning pedal? cmon, that's just basic….

  • My turntable is out of tune- all it plays is techno. Can someone recommend a good guitar tuning pedal?

    Seriously though, someone should ask Diamond Dave if there is such a thing as "too much techno."

  • I agree that the letter is amusing and poorly written, but I think we can suss out what the writer means.

    Why she wrote you, I don't know, but she states that her son (of indeterminate age) enjoys music, is good w/ an ipod, likes to be the stereo-guy-cum-DJ and is likely a bit of a computer geek or wanna-be geek who is potentially interested in IT work as a career or hobby.

    While the first 2 (or should I say ii) links are pretty good, I think Mike is most likely right. I'd like to know if people here, based on that info, would recommend this product or not or a similar gizmo in the price range and then it would be kind of you, Peter, to relay that to her.

    best to all.

  • Right, but this is clearly a Google link … and we have big Numark iDJ ranking. I'm betting that's it, not a guitar tuning pedal we never mentioned. 😉

  • I think, Peter, it would be in your own best interest to stop mentioning products or musicians at all on this site. You don't mention any of that stuff and then you'll be free of the mailings from the not-quite-there. Let's embark on

    And, definitely recommend that she get her son a tuning pedal and a poster-sized print of that second link.

    Maybe he could run the output of his ipod into the danelectro dj11. Minimal responsive video feedback for just $27.99 plus shipping. Her son'll be on CDMotion in no time.