Cineform last week announced a concept video recorder which may (ok, lets be honest, WILL) prove to be incredibly useful to the VJ market.

The Cineform Direct to Disk recorder looks mightily impressive – with HDMI input and passthrough, audio input, and an incredibly small for factor (think Mac Mini but 1/3 the height), it can record to either Quicktime MOV or AVI with full raster 720 or 1080 HD resolution, at YUV 4:2:2 10 bit (this is huge!), at all your normal video framerates – from varicam 23.976 up to 59.94 progressive and anything in between. The Cineform Recorder writes data to either dual CFCards or laptop harddrive – with a speculated 3 hour record time with the hard drive.

Use a DVI to HDMI converter and record your set straight out of your computers DVI-D port, and with the HDMI passthrough, you can drop it in line to the projector, you wont even need a splitter/ or DA.

While the product is not available yet, Cineform speculates on a whole family of Direct to Disk recorders – some more Pro than others (think timecode, HD-SDI options, etc). Even if they only make one product, its sure to be a hit – even at the speculated sub $2000 price point.

Check out CineForm Recorder for full specs and info.

Via HD4NDs.

  • Awesome find man, this kind of product has been wanted for a long while by many HD filmmakers. IT is soo much more convenient than something like this "wearable computer system for HD capture":

  • I think there's a certain charm to the "wearable computer system for HD capture", but something like this would of course be very convenient, and may actually be quite a good deal if they include a Cineform intermediate codec ($500+) with with the device.

  • YES YES YES! THIS is what I have been questing for (small portable harddrive with inputs)! maybe I can stop pestering the dudes at B+H about when the hard drive camcorders will start accepting HDMI in, (or just friggin video input in general). and I can definitely stop looking at Archos website (video recording requires a dock??? ridiculous!)… great find vade! I have new hope!

    PLUS- you could use it to record videos from the latest generation of DSLR's which all seem to have HDMI out…

  • Im definitely interested in those DSLRs with HDMI out – Im quite curious of the quality of the recording. Newer HDMI specs allow for greater than HD resolution (think 2K film frame sizes). Id love to see some video from one of those and compare it to a consumer/prosumer HD model.

    Those models, (the D3 I think right?) would go well with the Decklink Intensity for tethered studio shooting.

  • I just bought a nikon d300 (got it wednesday)and it's got the HDMI out… I haven't tried it yet- (partially due to the fact that I have no HDMI capable devices) but am curious to check it out… I heard however, that the framerate is something like 15fps, so not ideal for actual video stuff… but could be cool for timelapse (though the cam already has a built in intervalometer).

  • Yes this is a great portable hard drive with input and specially for computer and mobile users…