Artist/producer Morgan King writes us to say a couple of electronic music outlets are evidently no more. For his part, Morgan is working on getting more music available in his own project, Accidental Music — more on that soon. (And some of you may know Morgan from projects like Clubland, or the fact that he won a Swedish Grammy — they’re tasty with lingonberries, believe me.) React Music / Resist Music was a label close to him personally. He writes:

I am sad to report on the demise of Resist Music, who I have personally had dealings with for the last thirteen years!

Resist Music actually started out in 1990 known then as React Music and they came to prominence with the release of the first three volumes of the seminal “Café Del Mar” Compilation, Mrs Wood and the Reactivate series to name a few.

In 2004 React Music was forced into voluntary administration following the closure of the Beechwood Music group which owed React in excess of £1.000.000 and it was at this point they bounced back in the guise of Resist Music the same year!

In November this year (2007) I was waiting for my royalty payment and in the past Resist we’re always prompt at making payments, so it came as a surprise to me when after an enquiry about monies due to me I had no response and when I tried to call the phone had been disconnected.

A few days’ later I emailed an employee who I knew personally and this was the response:

Hi Morgan

Very bad news I’m afraid.  I was made redundant last Friday which is what it says in the letter I received this morning, apparently at that time Resist went into Liquidation.

The Liquidators are David Rubin & Partners, Pearl Assurance House, 319 Ballards Lane, London N12 8LY.

I know that Music Industry sales have really been suffering at the hands of modern technology so I’m afraid it hasn’t come as a surprise.

At the time of writing this I am waiting for the liquidators to get back to me and the Resist Website still seems to be in operation although every other activity of the company has ceased!

In the following week I heard that 3Beat Digital and Amato distribution had also folded: 3beat Digital

I wish James and Melissa all the best in the future and would like to say a personal thanks for the years of hard work they put in to the Music Business.

3Beat Digital is notable in that they, like dancetracksdigital, offered pre-warped Ableton Live-ready tracks; they were more or less the UK-based alternative. (I wrote about the two services for Computer Music a while ago.) This leaves DTD, from what I can tell; 3Beat has only a dance blog where the store had been. Any other distributors MIA, let us know.

  • Hi there,

    With 3 beat label management being forced in to voulentary liwuidation, it took 3 beat digital with it, as 3BLM owned 3 beat digital.

    This does not effect 3 beat records store (vinyl, cd, tickets shop) which still has its shop and online site fo physical product.

    we are currently working on ways to set up our digital mp3 site again.

    steve parry

  • paola rowid – few la

    Hi , I´m Writing from Ibiza , and we collaborate at Cafe Solo 2 with Jose padilla , released by Resist Music , personally we never work with Resist and I did´nt know Them , but i have a really bad experience , and I hope never more this people can own a level or a discographic business.

    They choice two traks for that compilation and they should have to pay the advance .

    Once they have the track and the contracts ….they was worjking for may be one year more and EXCUSES EXCUSES ..

    We send million mails and phone calls and they always anwer some problem with the account number or the adress bank or any excuse , I CAN UNDERSTAND THE CRACK ; BUT IF YOU ARE RESPONSABLE OF A BIG BUSSINES YOU CAN HUNG A ADVERTISE OR BANNER ON THE WEB EXPLAINING THE SITUATION ; AND WE DO NOT LOOSE MORE TIME AND ILLUSIONS .

    We never get the money of advance and of couse we will get never the royalties… for me is only Two songs , but because is a important chill out album we expect get back some of this monies .I can image are many many other people that get affected by this situation.


    I let on this web some mails with the elegant way to answer:

    —–Mensaje original—–

    De: Claude-France Dubois []

    Enviado el: viernes, 22 de junio de 2007 12:52


    Asunto: Café Solo 2


    Hi J R

    Sorry for this incredible delay in resending you a revised memo

    I am rather snowed under!

    Hopefully this version will now be suitable to you, if so could you get it signed and fax it back so that I can forward it onto Resist

    All the best


    Claude-France Dubois


    The Media Village, 131-151 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 5BB, GB
    T. +44 7767 825 782 – F. +44 20 7229 7900

    Registered office: 111A Station Road, West Wickham, Kent. BR4 0PX

    Reg. No. 491 7153



    —–Mensaje original—–

    De: James Horrocks []

    Enviado el: jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2007 18:36

    Para: JR

    Asunto: RE: Café Solo 2


    Hi Jose,

    I can’t find your invoice. Please resend as an attachment and I’ll wire the funds.




    —–Mensaje original—–

    De: James Horrocks []

    Enviado el: viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2007 18:17

    Para: JR

    Asunto: RE: Café Solo 2

    The IBAN and Swift Code wouldn’t read. Can you check the Swift Code please and confirm the IBAN.



    Hi Jose,

    Please check the swiftcode and iban – the information is not recognized by the bank.

    Are you saying the IBAN should read ES XX CXXXX 0XXX XX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ?





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