Overheard on Steve Cooley’s Twitter:

"I could care less if the dj is mixing with two paper plates and a twinkie" – derek scott

Sorry, controllerists.

I feel like I’ve had a window into the DJing world after manning the Artificial Eyes VJ rig as drunken people came up and told us they liked the music we were playing. (I attempted to show them the projectors, the identical visuals on the computer screen, the fact that we had neither decks, nor records, nor headphones for that matter . I pointed at my ears, then the DJs, then my eyes, than the screen. No dice. Usually I don’t experience this, as I’m VJing from the opposite room, or in a closet, or something.)

Of course, you know what this means: time for a CDM challenge.

If you can send us footage of you DJing with two paper plates and a Twinkie (Arduino optional), we will see you as a minor God.

Photo: Peter Kelly Studios, via Flickr.

  • lol 😉

  • wax

    I dunno if this is much of a challenge – seems to me I recall stories of DJ Keoki doing this plenty of times when he was out of his mind on drugs. or was that him trying to cue up a slipmat and laying the needle down on it and plunging the club into the joyful sounds of noise? lol

  • Good point, Wax. I should add an additional qualification:

    You must be able to make music other people can hear.

  • I'll make the video when I get home.

  • Instead of saying things like:

    1. "Can you play something I can dance to?"

    2. "Do you have anything I like?"

    3. "This is okay, but everybody wants to hear [insert artist or genre you don't have]."

    …drunk people come up and say they like what you're playing? Where is this and how do I get booked there?

  • lol & lol.

    once when I was vjing someone come to ask me if I could put on the football match (it was during the last world cup).

    few times when I was instead Djing some dude come to ask for a beer or assuming that instead that was the cloakroom.

    countless times I have been asked to play bob marley and the doors (even during glitch sets).

  • wax

    I fondly miss the times I had a full dancefloor an d chicks with their T's hanging out would ask me to play "something they can dance" to