Function Field Sytem by Voltage Controlled – made with Pure Data/GEM/PDP/PiDiP

Open Source software can be hard to approach sometimes, especially DIY programming environments, so there is some good news for those wanting to get started with two leading open source packages for performance.

Pure Data – the open source dataflow/patching environment now has a shared playlist on youtube. If you’ve been interested in Pure Data but hadn’t the slightest clue what it is or how to use it, you should check out the Pure Data Videopedia. The videopedia contains performance clips, tutorials and examples made with PD and some video related plugins.

Not into datalflow/graphical programming environments? Get your hands dirty with Processing. Check out the recently posted tutorials by user b2kn : “Coding for visual performance” workshop. You can find the accompanying processing sketches here. Good stuff!

  • sirapo77

    Cool! I like the Videopedia and this featured video is sick!

  • ian

    haha this is great! i saw the new videopedia group on youtube, but seeing it linked to up on CDM totally made my day! (i'm user pidipid on youtube, the Psy 8WarpingPicture video, named for the Gem patch I made, [8WarpingPicture])
    good stuff! there will be more coming soon, and it appears the number of Pd users on youtube is increasing too, so we can hopefully expect some new works from them too!