It seems even Radiohead sometimes lose their copy protection authorization for Max/MSP. That doesn’t stop our friends at Cycling ’74 support from getting a bit cheeky. But careful what you say: it might wind up as the lead to a New York Times article:

SHORTLY after Radiohead released its album “In Rainbows” online in October, the band misplaced its password for Max/MSP, a geek-oriented music software package that the guitarist Jonny Greenwood uses constantly. It wasn’t the first time it had happened, Mr. Greenwood said over a cup of tea at the venerable Randolph Hotel here. As usual Radiohead contacted Max/MSP’s developers, Cycling ’74, for another password. “They wrote back,” Mr. Greenwood said, “‘Why don’t you pay us what you think it’s worth?'”

It’s a joke, folks, no need to write Cycling ’74 suggesting you buy Jitter for $5; somehow, don’t think they’ll bite.

The article itself, though, offers a good overview of the issues surrounding Radiohead’s pay-what-you-will album and how it’s been received.

Via The Phoenix; thanks to ggg for the tip!

  • big smiles here! thx for sharing

  • _object.session


    i love new york times. 🙂

  • I'm starting to be a little bit insulted by the way our culture is using "geek." Like it's a half-insult or a guilty pleasure to be intelligent or interested in something. Like we know it's not cool, but we like it, how ironic.

  • So, not only did the copy protection glitch stop Jonny using the software he paid for, the company that decided to use it thought they'd have a little joke with them about it.




    And people wonder why there's so much software piracy.

  • @Stefan: I expect the joke came along with the password. I've been known to chatter with support when asking for new authorizations. 😉

  • there's a series of 3 Guardian articles, where Radiohead answer fan questions. also illuminating

    Here's a quote:

    Jonny: 'Yeah, the download culture is there anyway. It's King Canute – you can't pretend the flood isn't happening. This friend of mine bought the Muse album. And his 12-year-old son was just looking at it – "Wow, the real thing!" His son had the album already, he knew the songs, but he'd never held a CD. He just found it a curious object. That's kind of how it is now.',,22212…

  • "Hear Music, the independent label partly owned by Starbucks"


  • Yes, I've been wondering what independent means, exactly, especially as it's been applied to "… owned by Universal Music Group" etc.

    @Angstrom: sounds like an opportunity to me. People can rediscover CDs. It'll be vintage, hip, underground, like, erm, vinyl.

  • Peter, you loveable dreamer.

    The only rediscovery for CD will be as a post apocalyptic body adornment.

  • Sonic clothing? We're there already:

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