We’re planning an in-depth test of the new visual vinyl plug-in for Serato’s Scratch LIVE, VIDEO-SL, but in the meantime, one beta tester has already got his hands on it. DJ Steel puts together a pretty clear demonstration of what VIDEO-SL does and what makes it special, particularly in regards to comparing something like Virtual DJ (another DJ product with control vinyl support for video). The demo video isn’t perfect — he calls the product “SLV” instead of its correct name, VIDEO-SL, misses out on effects, and says “H.264 files are less CPU intensive to decode than “ordinary .MP4″ files.” (For the record, that’s basically the same format; MPEG-4 video generally refers to MPEG-4 Part 10, the video compression standard.) But he does give a good overview of some of VIDEO-SL’s capabilities, why the integration with the Rane mixer makes sense, and how this might be used in a “DVJ” (hybrid DJ-VJ) setup.

VIDEO-SL I think is very important, and could yield different VJ styles, for those who like working with vinyl. Stay tuned for our closer look soon. And if you’ve got one on test yourself, let us know your impressions!


Serato Video Scratch Software, Now in Beta; Break Out the Turntable!

  • grigori

    Wouldn't mind testing out, though would stay wide clear from Hip Hop style videos a faaaaaaar as possible.

  • Ha! Yeah, wasn't *necessarily* endorsing that bit.

  • I should add, the Ms. Pinky solution is still appealing for those working with Jitter. I think what's nice here is the other integration … particularly if you're in the market for a Rane.

  • There go the Elite Delicate Geniuses again

  • i can't find the features list on the serato site. i want to know if there's anything that has midi clock (to sync to resolume) as well as timecode scratching… also beat synced freeframe fx and an optional video style editing mode (a la mixmeister – good whilst concentrating on the visuals…) – one day, one day…

  • ian

    his one mistake is he should say "this is an exclusive feature (on a proprietary app)"… about 30 seconds in max/msp or Pd and you can make a midi controller fader fade a video in/out.

  • Skoob

    Steel is off the hook, better watch yo self he's comin up quick. Good job on stayin one step ahead steel!

  • So expensive closed solution… never will be better than open and freedom of try us own manner to vj (videoturntablism or ToolTablism with video or Free Human Creative Image Mashing Up)

    Only for richs…