Liz McLean Knight and I are converging in Anaheim to bring you coverage from the NAMM show floor for the coming days, inaugurating a new CDM video channel and bringing you our biggest NAMM coverage ever. Beatportal posted their own NAMM 2008 preview with some speculation of their own from Francis Preve. Here’s who I’m looking for at the show to post some interesting stuff:

Moog (ah, Moog), Focusrite/Novation, Cakewalk, IK, Numerology, Access (the new Ti Snow, an affordable virus!), Roland/Edirol, Korg, Yamaha (but don’t expect a Tenori-On), Sony Creative, Native Instruments (they scheduled a press conference), M-Audio and their Torq line, Doepfer (the analog synth people), CME, Digidesign, Steinberg (showing off VST3), Ecler, PreSonus. John Lennon’s got a new bus. And Dave Smith and Roger Linn might even bring along the new LinnDrum. That’s just for starters.

What sounded like a quiet show for us promises to be anything but. Even the analog synth world has a few surprises in store. No time for rumors, or even press shots: it’s all live and in-person in a few short hours. And if you’re in Anaheim, hope to see you there!

  • Can't wait! I'll be there spending most of my time around the Apple booth and testing out the Nord Stage, which I plan on buying this week! It's gonna be a blast!

  • Simon Price

    Can't make it this year so I'm looking forward to following the action on your site. Thanks!

  • Native Instruments press release! Maybe Reaktor is going from 5 to 6?! Maybe not. I'll be waiting…

  • Maybe a Max/MSP 5 release date announcement, other than Q1 2008?

  • fatlimey

    Controllers! We need new MIDI controllers! With prices!

  • If you are interested in controllers check out YamahaSynth. Yamaha just released a new series of controllers (along with some other pretty neat things. Didn't notice anything earth shattering about the controllers but there are not a lot of really good controllers of a decent size in the marketplace right now. Be interested to see if these are any good.

  • I don't think that Apple has a booth this year.

  • 3F05Q

    Looking forard to it! I'm going to be there on Friday and Saturday. I hope to check out Spectrasonic's Omnisphere if they have a live demo going.