Will Richard Devine unleash his blazing fury once again at NAMM this year as he did with the Neko keyboard, or will he physically keep his cool but unveil his own brand of auditory destruction instead?

Come to the CDM Unofficial Afterparty in Los Angeles and find out! Show up at 8pm to Bassworks and witness a DIY, technological show and tell and then stick around to check out live musicians and visualists along with our pal Rich. Fire may or may not make an appearance, but we in CDM HQ personally hope for the metaphorical sort.

And you are all on the guestlist (meaning it’s a free party). You’d be ragingly insane to miss it if you’re local on Friday.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Man …. that must have really stunk up the place.

  • Anyone that can go to this should. Mr. Devine is a god among men audio nerds.

  • Wow that PR stunt sure has legs…

  • YES! West Adams!

    i'll stop by and hand out as many Fosforo EP's and 12" vinyls at Bassworks

    audio downloads here –>

  • @Peter: believe me, Richard tries a stunt like that and we'll be intervening. By taking his Virus to a good, safe home, of course! I mean … just because we have to.

  • / / /


  • man…arizona is so damn far behind in the world of electronix…

  • Adrian Anders

    BTW I picked up Cautella the other day @ Amazon MP3 store… fucking love that album.

  • ehdyn

    Anyone got directions?

    The link is done broked'ed.

    Much obliged.

  • So how was the party? Any image, audio, video links?

  • On the way….

  • We will have a bit of video on trash_audio in the coming week from this show and some excellent interviews from various audio rock stars.

  • Mr. Automatic

    how was that party? I bet it was killer.

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