Deckadance DJ software

Ed.: Deckadance DJ software has been on our radar for some time on the DJ software front: lots of MIDI control (with one caveat; see below), agnostic support for multiple vinyl timecode systems, and most interestingly the ability to run the whole app as a VST plug-in. Dreams of loading Deckadance into Ableton Live danced through DJs heads. The app even added built-in support for Nintendo Wii remotes. But the software, from the development house that brought us FL Studio (“Fruity Loops”) was Windows only. No more:

Image-Line has just released the latest beta of Deckadance, 1.20RC3. This version is the first version to include support for OS X. The developers have written on the Deckadance forums that the port to OS X required almost a complete rewrite. Early reports are mostly positive, with a few bugs (mostly on the Windows side reported here and there). Other notable changes include:

  • Redesign of the Digital Vinyl System panel. It includes now a real-time signal spectroscope and an easy-to-use interface
  • Vinyl timecode control of decks inside Live and Live LE
  • Native support for Numark Total Control console

However, there’s no reports of a fix to allow pitch bend messages for deck pitch control, a personal obsession of mine. [Ed.: Wally, fairly sure you’re not alone on that! -PK] Still, though, kudos to the Deckadance team for getting the OS X version out the door before the end of the year. Let’s hope 2008 holds great things in store for Deckadance!

1.20RC3 Beta Announcement [Image-Line Forums]
Windows beta download; Mac beta download

(You must be logged into the free Image-Line forums to use the download links.)

Image-Line has also posted a video showing Deckadance running on both Mac and Windows:

  • Gordon Cragloff

    Never mind that, this is loads better!

  • niq


    i've waited so long for this day!

  • That looks pretty cool. What was up with the split wave form? Was that some sort of visual beat matching? I've been enjoying using this for the past few months:

    The difference is that this one is a MIDI controller and doesn't use vinyl. Either way, that doesn't keep you from sounding like you are. I grew up on vinyl, but have always wanted to scratch my own recordings (in this case my cat in a bad mood)… It's pretty easy to adjust to as well. This vid was made after a few hours of messing around on the device.

  • Very, very cool, Flip. Some people had complained about having enough control on the VCI-100 for scratching … but you've done quite nicely for yourself there!

    And yeah, I'm down with using whatever works. Here, here.

  • flip

    @Peter: Well, on the subject of control… It was odd at first, because when I scratch on vinyl, my movements use a greater range than the platter size on the Vestax VCI. It took a few minutes to adjust to that. The bonus side is that you can cue up REALLY fast since you can see the waveforms on your screen. If you have a fast computer, you'll also have virtually no latency. I used a G5 Quad in that video clip, with 8 GB of SDRAM.

    The funny thing is that the primary reason I got it was so I could cut up sounds with the cross fader, not scratch. I'm glad it worked out both ways. Don't get me wrong though: There are definitely scratch tricks you can't do on it. One of my favorites being to cut the power on the turntable and flare a sine wave (or similar) or some friction related tricks that you could use both a turntable or hand percussion instruments. I'm sure these capabilities are not far away.

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  • D. Cravens

    Yo Wally, Como sends a shout.

  • mallyone

    I've been waiting forever for the mac version, I nearly lost consciousness when I saw the headline.

    Although the links to the beta's appear to have died. Now I actually have to dig around myself… oh the humanity! 🙂

  • Wallace Winfrey

    The links aren't dead, you just have to be logged into the forum before they'll work. There's a note on the page now indicating as much.

  • mallyone

    While their memories will live on forever, the direct links are, alas, dead, even after login…

    Although you can grab either version from their announcement article so no biggie (again though, login is necessary).

  • Go image-line!

  • Wow… Finally got mac version… very nice post thanks for useful information

  • zach

    how do you download this

  • FredDVS

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