Just a quick heads up. If you are interesting in learning GLSL, or Open GL Shader Language (known as GL Slang) to work with realtime video for effects, mixers and 3D, there is a new mailing list up over at Dataflow.ws. See you there!

  • Cool! But why a mailing list? SO much easier to deal with forum + RSS, etc.

  • Because web forums are a totally different sort of mechanism and create a far different sort of infrastructure and social interactions. They are far better for this sort of small tight knit community.

    I quite prefer mailing lists and rue the day C74 went to a hybrid forum + mailing list setup. Forums are not a solution for every community structure.

  • Right, but if you want a push mechanism a la message forum, you can … or you can go to RSS. The problem is, with mailing lists the user has zero control. And you sort of legislate what their interaction will be rather than letting them choose. Just my opinion — and because my inbox is a frightening place.

  • Hi !
    I did create this list ! 😉 Funny I fall on this post.
    I just prefer mailing lists to forums or so. I have a separate email address for lists. Also, I thought this is a topic that needs such a dedicated list. As Anton pointed, video artists have different need than game developpers, which is also a motivation to create this list. Now, see you there. 😉

  • I'll stop whining. I was grumpy yesterday because we were having sever problems. 🙂

    Having this list is truly awesome — I'll set up a separate mail filter for it and thoroughly enjoy. And, hell, skip the rest of my inbox, as this is more fun. 🙂

  • ian

    maybe a moot point since i haven't looked into this specific forum, but lately forums have taken to adding RSS feeds for active topics… can't we all get along 😉

  • No! 🙂

  • RSS feeds are not a good way to prevent spam… They spread the word (for a topic), though. Privacy is a concern and the archives should be only available for the members (that are really interested in the topic). No ? Unless we want to attract search engines.