We’ve heard from DJ Chinkial — and via several of you — that he’s working on a way of turning Korg’s KP3 KAOSS Pad into a step sequencer, by way of Reaktor. Each step lights up, causing him and others to use the phrase “Monome-like.” Monome as an adjective? Congrats to the Monome designers for that! The KP3 is a cool device on its own, so it looks fascinating to me.

Just be prepared to try to read chinkial’s massive run-on sentence describing the project. He writes:

just thought id let youse know im making a reaktor ensemble at the moment to utilize the korg kp3s 8×8 grid as a seq its going pretty well managed to get the kp3 to trigger the steps on an 8×8 event table and ouput them im also getting visual feed back from the kp3 aswell so u can make beats and not look at the screen just like the monome this is just a test to c if it could b done as i plan on porting it to a vst plugin in sythedit somehow that was my initial idea as not everybody uses reaktor that has a kp3 u know so let me know what youse think about my project

More power to you, man — I think you’ve learned to speak better to the Reaktor than to us, but keep on rocking the KP3. The project looks really cool, from what I can see through blurry cameraphone footage. Anyone in the UK who wants to go shoot this with a real camera, let us know!

It’s like a spy video. And 69 views, plus two tips from CDMers, which means basically you guys see everything before the rest of the universe, even if it’s barely capable of being seen.

chinkial also wins bonus points for plastering his MySpace page with marijuana leaves, being the first and only person to create a stoner mystique for Reaktor. (As opposed to, you know, basement club in Berlin and Red Bull or, maybe more like a lineup of espressos and cigarettes.)

The project looks great, though, so you can bet we’ll stay tuned to the chinkial YouTube channel.

  • This is definetly cool. I'd love some more detailed footage, for sure. Though I realized that Exile did use a KP2 in his demo for his Reaktor setup (video link in the middle of the page):


    -admittedly he's not using it to sequence.

    Speaking of- are there any Keymasher users out there? I got to try a copy of Reaktor for an hour and I couldn't find it on there (thought it was a preset… maybe i'm wrong).

  • I've sat and stared at the grid on my KP3 and often wondered why there is not more use of these 64 "pixels." There's a bit here and there — such as an EQ slider. But mostly just the cool effect of lighting up where I touch it. If someone is making a Reaktor Ens that speaks to my KP3, I'd line up in front of his house in the rain with a tent for it.

    I wish he had a video camera.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Interesting, wish I could've seen this before I sold my KP3. I thought that it was going to be a great tool for me … but I didn't end up using for anything really, other than it's small sampling capabilities. Only having 7 seconds available for a sample really really sucks. And the effects sounded too digital for me, I could swear that the KP2 didn't sound as digital as the KP3.

  • al

    thanks for the support

    should b ready for tester download soon

    hoping maybe some kp3 reaktor users could help

    on a few things to get this thing working perfect mostly the control of the lights as some of my calculations in reaktor are wrong.

    new miracle u should b able to get the keymasher micro on tim exile website thats where i got mine from

    and brian & dead_red_eyes those are the reasons i decided to try making this thing

    just got bored of not realy being able to use it as a controller as when im using the effects i use a different controller for more control anyway

    and the fact that i thought this sort of control was already in it already when i bought the thing when it first came out.

    im hoping korg could maybe reverse engineer it

    into an update so u could trigger a sampler over midi

  • I wonder how this is being done.

    Does the KP-3 respond to sysex to light up it's lights? if so, I'd like to get my hands on the sysex chart for that.

    Is it another type of message entirely.


  • al

    patrick its just plain old midi ccs

    but theve been put through allsorts in reaktor

    a think if it was sysex i could probably get more control and fix the problems im having

    with outputing the visual part of it exactly

    to the kp3s pad lights

  • Hey Peter,

    Wrote ya a couple of emails lately but I don't know if they made it through… anyway, here's a little KP3 hack I made yesterday.. so far it's just an "open door" rather than something useful but I thought you'd dig it anyway: