Adobe has just recently stated that Quicktime 7.4 and After Effects are not getting along well. Survey says, pass this one up until bugs have been ironed out – which, presumably is what testing is for, but I digress. Read more on

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  • nobbystylus

    yes basically i can't render to Quicktime using Cs3 AFX, as after 10 minutes any render will quit with a bug saying i don't have access to such and such file..

    also multi processor support seems to be severely limited as Ram previews no longer work with Multi Proc preview turned on..

    workarounds for now include rendering out as Tiff/Targas and switching Multi Proc previews off…

  • mo

    f**k!!! I had a bad feeling when I decided to update quicktime to 7.4 in the middle of a project!! Can't render out files past the 9m 50sec mark!! Just because I wanted quicktime to be compatible with movie rentals in iTunes!!!! Apple is losing it!!!