Speaking of Cakewalk, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard users can now use Dimension Pro and Rapture with Apple’s latest OS. (I have to admit, I was unaware they weren’t working together, but there you go.) That’s not the interesting news, though. More unusual: Cakewalk’s SONAR demo was on Windows XP running in Boot Camp on Apple hardware — a Mac Pro tower beneath the booth and a less-discreet pair of Apple Cinema Displays. MacBooks demoed Cakewalk’s soft synths natively on Leopard. I still have no audio-specific reason to advocate upgrading to Leopard at the moment, but good to know. And it’s clear that the once mostly PC-only developer is now making sure its instruments get shared by both platforms.

  • dead_red_eyes

    It's nice to see more DAWs showing multi OS platform support.

  • Sounds to me like on the soft-synths are multi-platform. SONAR is only mentioned running through Boot Camp.

  • _object.session

    aww. the headline got me excited. i still think of sonar as "cakewalk" sometimes.

  • Cakewalk's products already will run on a Mac with Parallels installed. Sufficient hard drive space is about the only other requirement that must be considered since many Mac laptops traditionally have only 80GB HD.

  • I have been running Sonar 6 Producer on my macbook for a while now (via Vista w/ bootcamp) just to convert my old sonar projects to OMF/Pro Tools. It would be nice if Sonar did run on Leopard though… it would save me a few steps lol. Vista/Leopard/Sonar macbook > OMF > to Pro Tools Mac running OS X 10.4…… = a pain in the arse! Too bad it takes a year for digidesign to catch up to Apple!