Karate Kid AV Remix from momo_the_monster on Vimeo.

A major highlight of the party CDM held last weekend with our friends at TRASH_AUDIO and VJKungFu.tv: a live remix of The Karate Kid. Momo the Monster mangled the video while Shane Hazelton and Stephan Vankov did music. The whole event was powered by some clever MIDI sync that managed to wrangle the gear — enough hardware that it seemed like the crew had just raided a Guitar Center — and sync up the video.

Sure, the remix may sound silly — and it was. (Deliciously so.) But the interplay between the three, punctuated by ridiculous live vocals by Shane, really put it over the top. Adding some MIDI intelligence to your digital trio could help all kinds of performances, not just this one We’ll have to get Momo to share what he did.

Momo has more over on Create Digital Motion, complete with technical details:

Karate Kid AV Remix

But this clip should give you an idea of just how live the vocals were — in a moment that captures, shall we say, the brutish masculine power of the film:

Karate Kid live remixing music performance from Create Digital Media on Vimeo.

  • Correction: the man tearing up the live vocals is Shane.

  • dead_red_eyes

    LMFAO @ 6:04 on the top video! "Mr. Miyagi, I love you!". Hahaha!

  • Joe Bicker

    This is absolute genius. I hope to see more!

    "Coach, I just wanna go surfing!"

  • danger

    Please explain detailed how do you do a stable midi sync in Ableton! thanks

  • LZA

    Either I miss something important here or (Sorry to say this) I am not really impressed …

    What so special about syncing VJ-Gear with MIDI gear ? I did work on some "automated musicvideo generating"-thing quite some time ago, basically using live (the music), reaktor (analyzing the music/converting to loads of midi-data) and arkaos (which I fed with the midi-data and alot of 60s sci-fi movies), and the result was something like this … Should have worked more on that obviously instead of ditching it as "a nice fun-project for a weekend".

    I really don't want to be negative or anything, the video is nice and all, I just don't see the rage. Sorry.

  • LZA

    danger : I think you don't really need a sync between ableton and your VJ-soft … just send a rhythmic stream of data to the VJ-Soft and it will look synced.


  • @LZA — sorry, wasn't meaning to imply that MIDI sync was somehow novel. Mostly what was fun about this was seeing these three guys put this thing together. And actually syncing up some things so that other stuff could be live made a big difference in doing that.

    Actually, if we WERE to strip MIDI functionality off of EVERYTHING (a la the Moog Old School), we could then add it back in, and it would be new. 😉

  • emmett

    for a band that makes some damn good use of midi time code in their performances, check out d numbers. it's a three member group with one guy playing drums and two guys playing an assortment of guitars, bass, and keyboards, looping and sequencing everything live with the help of a computer spitting out MTC to all the necessary devices (the majority being loopers). they run their own sound from the stage and just give the house a stereo line out.


  • LZA

    @Peter : Okay, I see what you mean.

    @emmet : "assdroids" are amazing too, I have seen them one time live and didn't really understand what was happening (although I was about 10 feet away from them), but they started every song on drums&guitar and after a minute or so they jumped to their laptops and started mangling what they had played and recorded so far, but without an audible gap or something, really blew me away. (and keep in mind, they did this for _every_ song.)


  • sam

    Cool, but not nearly as cool as orchard lounge and clay dempsey.


    My introduction to visualism at Camp Bisco festival last summer. The clips are split, but in its entirety this was a 40 minute performance, live visuals and music. Orchard Lounge plays live while Dempsey does the vidz.

    The new OL site is supposed to be up sometime today, DEF check them out.

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  • Interesting comments about the live bands sampling themselves and then running to laptops and other gear to mangle the samples.

    This is EXACTLY what I have in mind for my pwn projects but I'm having a hard-time getting together a software/hardware rig that works like I want it to. I can't really afford Live/Reaktor/Max which a lot of people seem to use for this and so I'm feeling a little left behind. 🙁

  • LZA

    to be fair, that music was something in the vincinity of "breakcore" (they were/are on Jason Forrests label) and thus mainly distorted noise. But still amazing.

  • teej

    @LZA: agreed, i don't get it. i mean i guess it's kind of cool? maybe just don't understand the intense shit that's happening to make this happen? i dunno.

  • No, I still say it's always a good thing to harness the power of lots of gear (whatever, three dozen pieces of hardware here, 3-way MIDI sync, Monomes and Handsonics) to do something silly (mess around with Karate Kid).

    And this is their second rehearsal — Momo posted the video partly for feedback, so feel free to let them know what you think.

  • ian

    i'm gonna have to say that MIDI sync (or OSC, whatever) between audio and video is probably the coolest shit ever. audio controlling video, video controlling audio, throw some piezos in there, some sort of sensor, mix it all together… this stuff fascinates me and is my prime motivator in using Pd/linux