Not really a whole lot I can say about this one — and I’m sure you could just fashion your own if you wanted, which I will say would be a great way for me to stop forgetting where I put my 2 gig flash drive. But this does suggest that, somewhere deep inside, people still like music represented as material objects, whatever may say. (That’s why I’m glad can snoop while I listen to CDs, posting my listening habits for the universe.)

Suck UK USB Mixtape @ Turntable Lab

Now if I could just use it as an iLok dongle… hmm… (iLok, you listening? Packaging matters.)46893

Side note: when we see CDs as retro nostalgia items, we’re all officially OLD.

  • Personally, this is beautiful. I love cassettes. I only record to cassette. I only listen to my favorite music on cassette. Even if I own the CD I record it to cassette.

  • Oh, for sure. It's ridiculous AND beautiful. And it demonstrates how much more functional the cassette is as an object than a typical USB drive.

  • Cute, but nowhere near affordable enough for giving away…

    You can buy regular 64mb flash drives in bulk for about 3$ a piece.

  • nips

    zcollins, sarcasm is lost on the old internet unfortunately, but if you are serious maybe I'm jaded? Personally I never liked tapes for so many reasons, yet there is a strange nostalgic appeal to this I can't deny!

  • Why does the outside flap say SUCK?

  • SUCK I believe is the design firm that came up with this.

    They've also got a blank toy train car, which finally combines model railroading and … uh … graffiti. You know, for those tagger / anorak (railfan) types. 😉

  • velocipede

    TASCAM still makes cassette four-track recorders. I hope that this product does not break one of them!

  • Damon

    Retro with silly character. I like it. In a market with so much pointless stuff we all love anyway, why not? Who decides what pointless stuff is cool and what pointless stuff sucks?

  • pierlu


    in a world full of waste, i think digital distribution is a blessing: less plastic, less metal, less of everything over our environment.

    so this gift seems to me a little outdated… there's no need to swap music (expecially mp3s) over some physical medium.

    it feels so odd to me. just replacing old waste with new waste.

    said that,

    that packaging is really cool.

  • I think these are perfect. A great way to distribute portfolios, if you are a computer music artist. After all, with 64Mb, I could include 45 minutes of music, and all of my recent software. I wrote a lengthy post about the utility of these:

  • No, I wasn't being sarcastic. i actually love cassettes. I'm using cassette tape loops to build a musique concrete/sound collage sampler.

  • In answer to your question, Damon: I like the idea of putting the word SUCK on the side of your product, pre-emptively. That could help decide. 🙂

  • Downpressor


    I'm waiting for someone to do a real cost study on digital distribution. All the hardware & infrastructure required to keep those services running, etc.

    I wouldnt be entirely surprised if it aint as green as people think.

  • Michalis

    Hahaha, couldn't agree more with the last sentence in this article. 😛

  • jason_md2020

    Yes it's cool. But have you seen THIS:

  • Wow.. Now thats pretty tight..

  • Lion

    lol, I was just about to post that Jason