A year ago, Mac music and audio producers were abuzz about a preview of what was then called Soundabout. The idea was to have a powerful audio tool that was always within easy reach in the Mac Finder, for not only previewing audio files, but converting and even editing. Developer AudioEase has finished that tool. It’s now called Snapper instead of Soundabout, but all the features are there:

  • Preview with space bar, just like Apple’s QuickLook, but with more control
  • Immediately see a Snapper interface with waveform preview when you click a file in Finder
  • Drag-and-drop conversions to other file formats or your Pro Tools session (50 file formats, including surround and album covers)
  • Integrated with Finder, iTunes, and Pro Tools
  • Requires 10.4 Tiger or later (no need for Leopard); Pro Tools 6 for PT integration

Sounds great to me, but if you’re not convinced, there’s a massive 100-day demo.

Snapper by AudioEase

Windows users, I have to say, not sure the PC has anything to match this, though feel free to let me know if you’ve got a favorite. In fact, the Mac has not only this app, but AudioFinder, too, which has been maturing since the original Snapper/Soundabout release. AudioFinder also has an integrated waveform editor and a few additional sample editing and management features Snapper lacks. With those two choices, you should find something for juggling samples and audio assets — could be huge for remixers, sample lovers, and game developers, I imagine.

Let us know how you’re using these — or other — tools.

Thanks to TheLoneRoger for the tip!

  • dead_red_eyes

    100-day demo?! Wow, that is seriously awesome. Really cool of them to do that.

  • cdmr

    100 day demo is a great idea for getting people addicted.

    what do people think of the $79 price tag?

  • I like the drop into ProTools thing. But can "ProTools" also mean "Logic" or "Live" or any sequencer? Me no use ProTools?

  • Well, most DAWs on the Mac have drag and drop support — Logic and Live certainly do. I think what you miss out on is the higher level of integration with PT, drag and drop at the cursor level. But that's not to say this shouldn't be just as powerful with another tool … in fact, I'm betting Live users may be the biggest adopters because of Live's sample savvy.

  • I've been using AudioFinder for the past year or so. It works great. Love that I can filter a sound with an AudioUnit plugin and set up favorites in the browser so I can jump between folders quickly.

  • %

    looks rad, but $79 seems a tad pricey…

  • Scott Findley

    Snapper!! Oh how I've been waiting for you to come through.. I've been dying for this app, but your too late!! I just learned about; picked up audiofinder and what can I say other than it is the bomb and has completely blown up my workflow to a new level. Although I havent tried the final product of snapper I would say that you get a lot more features for the money w/ audiofinder. Why such a long wait audioease?? I had such great hopes. Ill still give it a shot though.

    .Scott Findley

  • Cool, BUT: no loop functionality? Or do i oversee something?

  • breshhh

    it would be killer with a Logic / Live direct support!

  • TJ

    $80? It's worth half that at best.

  • ttm

    Mac users seem to be quite price sensitive. I am currently looking at this and audiofinder. I know the dev's have spent many many many hours on these apps. While I would love to see them at half this price, I understand the price and will buy one of them for full price without a complaint

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  • Logic mostly has drag+drop+crash support for audio files.