You liked Gary Kibler’s all-Korg KAOSSilator album just a little too much, and his bandwidth is gone. So, if you’ve had any trouble getting at the music, we’ve got a brand new link on ReverbNation.

But that raises another question. As it happens, CDM community member FauxAudio was just asking about hosting music files on our forums:

online audio host – reccomendations?

So far, in the running:

Interestingly, Amazon S3 seems to be the current favorite.

What would you want from a music host? I guess that’s the first question. Other experiences / preferences?

Data center photo: skreuzer, via Flickr.

  • What about It's free and quite dependable.

  • Agree with Fabio up there, plus its partner site is a nice combination, fitting enough to host music for free (if you want to publish it under a CreativeCommons license).

  • yes, is great.

  • integer poet

    Two things:

    — Consolidation of the music hosting sites so I must chase down fewer of them and audiences get a better survey of inter-connects.

    — Spare page design. Ads are OK, but the juvenile urge to fit 10000 things on one page is tedious.

  • Hosting as well over at:

  • is simple and fast.

  • oh, also

  • norways


  • Doug Rouxel

    I use my own website, but I also use twango – – which I find is great for embedding stuff and linking to etc. for stuff where I want people to give something a quick listen.

  • WOAH!

    I was *just* going to write to you letting you know that we launched a new website for musicians called alonetone.

    alonetone is a non-commercial mp3 hosting / sharing service backed by Amazon s3. Easy to use, no advertisements, no company with agenda, just a kick-ass home. Run by myself, a musician and programmer.

    Granted, it is rough and we're still in the middle of pushing a few features out (facebook plugin, zip downloads of albums) but I'm hoping it becomes THE place for musicians to host and distribute their files!

    Let me know what you think if you try it out.

  • Flu

    I'm using

    It's free, and there's no limit to the number of songs you can upload…also you can chose to either let listeners download your songs, or just stream them.

    downside is, unless you pay for the vip access, all the songs are limited to 128kbps quality

  • What about ? I chose it at some point when I needed a host + mp3 widgets, everything free, and for the moment, I'm ok. No idea how reliable it is and how confident I should be about the future of the company.

  • I just make a googlepage whenever I fill one up, or as so often happens too many people download songs and it exceed the bandwidth limit not that I know what that limit is.

    Then there's this:

    Because it's free to upload there, and it makes little "widgets" that you can embed in your other sites to stream audio, and because it encodes your songs as ringtones which amuses me to no end (because my music is, to put it politely, "experimental," even though I've not reached the technological level of having a phone that would play a ringtone, it nevertheless gives me a conniption to ponder.

  • E-junkie works well with externally hosted files that one might want to sell.

  • Carlos Ng
  • I would go with too.

    We use, they have really streamlined their site for embedding but the download button seems to confuse people.

  • Iain

    Which of these do you think works best for a Podcast? I'm uploading numerous 40 minute speeches, (40-50mb) available for free in iTunes. The feed page needs to have links point directly to mp3 files, not embedded players or download pages.

  • @ Iain,

    alonetone will host unlimited stuff for podcasts, too, as long as it is in mp3 format. Right now we mostly support music and artists, but I see no reason why not. We support files up to 40mb each, but I'm willing to increase the limit for you, just contact me at sudara [iggity at] alonetone [diggity dot] com.