Craig Anderton’s Tribute to Moog: Rapture Presets, and a Call to Save History

Dust off that Minimoog and hear it in a new way: The real legacy of Moog is when sounds keep evolving from his ideas. That’s led Craig to make new Moog-inspired sounds with a digital synth. And just as importantly, it’s led a new charge to preserve the history of electronic music, like this original […]

Projection Inspiration: BBC Researches Projecting in Surround

The picture says it all. BBC Research & Innovation is considering presenting video in surround. Just as audio surround assumes a still-central source, enhanced by additional material in the 360-degree audio field, the idea here is to capture ambient visuals using a fish-eye lens and then project that beyond the screen. Of course, whatever the […]

Did MIDI Just Turn 25 at NAMM?

Okay, theoretically we should have just been throwing massive MIDI parties. Jere Käpyaho writes: I was just reading Midi for the Professional by Lehrman & Tully from 1993. The foreword (by Robert Moog) states that “[t]he first time that two MIDI-equipped instruments built by two different companies were hooked up and played together was at […]

Yes, Virginia, There Really is a Ford Car Part Musical Ensemble

It’s always fascinating to me how people hear, what they thing of as “real” or “authentic,” and what meaning they find in the things they listen to. Yesterday, we got a glimpse of a new car advertisement for Ford in the UK featuring instruments constructed from automobile components: Interview: Building a Musical Ensemble Out of […]

Thing-a-Day: Matchbox Synthesizer

We all make all sorts of promises to ourselves about how when we have some free time, we’re going to get to various projects. Here’s a way to keep the forward progress going: make one thing every day. Our friend Ranjit, creator of the MIDI ironing board, the Mister Resistor ensemble, and a robotic Theremin, […]

Ghetto Bullet Time: GRL Does Time Slice on the Cheap

Instructables have just announced the winner of their $15000 Laser Cutter contest. GRL put together a project showing how to create a "bullet time" (also known as "time slice" or the "matrix effect") rig for relatively cheap. I’ve had this idea in my "someday, when you have a couple of grand free" list for quite […]