Craig Anderton’s Tribute to Moog: Rapture Presets, and a Call to Save History

Dust off that Minimoog and hear it in a new way: The real legacy of Moog is when sounds keep evolving from his ideas. That’s led Craig to make new Moog-inspired sounds with a digital synth. And just as importantly, it’s led a new charge to preserve the history of electronic music, like this original […]

Projection Inspiration: BBC Researches Projecting in Surround

The picture says it all. BBC Research & Innovation is considering presenting video in surround. Just as audio surround assumes a still-central source, enhanced by additional material in the 360-degree audio field, the idea here is to capture ambient visuals using a fish-eye lens and then project that beyond the screen. Of course, whatever the […]

Peter Kirn - February 6, 2008

Did MIDI Just Turn 25 at NAMM?

Okay, theoretically we should have just been throwing massive MIDI parties. Jere Käpyaho writes: I was just reading Midi for the Professional by Lehrman & Tully from 1993. The foreword (by Robert Moog) states that “[t]he first time that two MIDI-equipped instruments built by two different companies were hooked up and played together was at […]

Peter Kirn - February 6, 2008

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