Window is a lovely arts blog — across “writers, academics, engineers — anyone with a good idea” — out of Aukland, New Zealand. They have a good overview of Monolake, aka Robert Henke, electronic composer and musician and co-founder of Ableton.

Monolake/Robert Henke 2008

And you know what that means. Time for some video action. The first is by Lars Nagler, from his track “Layering Buddha”, which is based on Buddha Machines (you know, instead of albums entirely featuring the Tenori-On or KAOSSilator). The second is Robert showing off his Monodeck, which while not entirely practical in some ways still makes me try to think of new ways of controlling Ableton Live sets. More on that topic soon.

  • Cort3x

    Robert has always seemed a bit serious in the videos I've seen with him, it's good to see him loosened up.

    I liked the Buddha Machine video. I hadn't heard that track before, and the visuals really seemed to fit the aural landscape.

    I wonder if the mountain range was created as a result of the waveform, or if it was arbitrarily controlled…

  • I wondered that, too (the mountain range); guessing it's some kind of spectrum thing!

    Robert is a very, very nice individual in person, and funny … yeah, videos have a tendency to get overly serious for many of us. Something about the camera lens.

  • Cort3x

    Spectrum, that was the word and concept I was looking for.

    I guess that it could easily be a 3d visualizer for a music application such as Winamp. I must admit that I don't know how advanced those can get these days, though, as I've been using one called Milkdrop on and off for years. It still produces gorgeous new images.

  • His newer Monodeck is even tastier!

  • Hi Peter, Just a quick note to say thanks for the kind words and the link. A spike in traffic is always a very concrete encouragement to keep going. I liked the loosened Robert as well, "uh wouldn't want to use this for a mission critical project"….