Okay, theoretically we should have just been throwing massive MIDI parties. Jere Käpyaho writes:

I was just reading Midi for the Professional by Lehrman & Tully from 1993. The foreword (by Robert Moog) states that “[t]he first time that two MIDI-equipped instruments built by two different companies were hooked up and played together was at the January 1983 NAMM show”. This year at NAMM, did anyone remember that it was 25 years ago? Any celebrations (like at 20 in ’03, see http://namm.harmony-central.com/News/2002/MIDI-20th-Anniversary.html), memorial plaques, something like that? Just curious.

I didn’t do much for my own birthday this year, in the hopes of doing something, um, belated.

So I think we have to have some sort of huge MIDI bash. That is, assuming someone can confirm that this is correct (to my knowledge, it definitely is).

Suggestions for festivities?

Anyone out there who was at the first historic MIDI connection?

  • PLP

    25 and pretty much exactly the same. You've been a good friend MIDI, but I think it is time OSC pushes you by the wayside.

  • Really – how many other 25-year-old technologies are in daily use by thousands, perhaps millions, around the world and still being used to create compelling work?

  • Damn, I really wish I could edit comments – I intended to say, what 25-year-old digital technology.

  • WHIV

    Completely unrelated, but that's pretty amusing that Midi for the Professional is mentioned, since one of my professors this semester is none other than Paul Lehrman.

  • Oh, come on. OSC can come to the party. OSC can jump out of the cake wearing a swimsuit.

  • I threw MIDI's 5th Birthday party at NAMM in '88. That was a milestone as well. I started the MMA in 82 to help companies collaborate on the new technology and continue to expand it's functions and implementation.

    Glad it has cleared another hurdle.


  • Sebastien Orban

    Richard : TCP/IP win… and the CD.

  • PLP

    People still use CDs?

  • Bham ster

    Midi 25th birthday party at my house! Bring your Midi gear…

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