Fixate from Aaron Sjogren on Vimeo.

Aaron Sjogren shares this VJ test set from an installation last week. It raises an important point — even as we’ve talked about the importance of getting “out of the box,” rectangles can be cool, too. (Notice: combining multiple 4:3 rectangles already means you escape the bland aspect ratio.) And it illustrates the importance of good documentation, ideally in an actual environment. (Previously reliant on pricey cameras, cheap HD can give you great results if you know how to use it!)

I love the idea that communities like Vimeo will help raise the bar for visualists sharing their work.

Full HD version available on this video’s Vimeo page, along with more from Aaron.

And since Aaron wasn’t sharing, anyone care to ID the visual app in use on his Mac? (I also think people are warming to dudes standing behind computers, much as eventually we got used to people manning synths and mixers.)

  • Thanks so much for the feature + support…I had read CD Music before – CD Motion definitely looks like more of a good thing. This project was just a test and I'm working on making it more stable for a live audience. Tech details coming up…

    Thanks again!

  • evon

    The way the visuals and music compliment eachother is brilliant- very surreal and stylish. I'd like to see more of his VJ work (if he had a couple more Macs, he could recreate that Circle-Vision 360 thing that they used to have at Disneyland.)

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