While on the subject of hacking animation into music tools and audiovisual performance, here’s about as far out as you can get:

What you’re seeing is actually the user interface for Renoise, an app in a category of music tools called “trackers”, being animated directly. The little characters you’re seeing light up are events in the sequence, so as the sequence plays, so does the animation. (What you’re hearing as the musical background in the video is essentially unrelated, I’m guessing, but it’s nonetheless a wild idea.)

Seems a fitting way to celebrate the latest upgrade to Renoise and its arrival on Linux. making it tri-platform. (Very 2008 thing to be.)

By dodgyrecordings, who has some other good stuff; this entry is from a Beat Battle competition.

See dodgyrecordings.com for more.

  • dead_red_eyes

    What the hell?! This is crazy!

  • Motion

    I use Renoise and its one incredible bit of work..one of the fastest live comp and improv tools on the planet albeit not for everyone and everything, it's insanely powerful and feature rich with a wicked workflow logic….it can be really quite alien getting on top of it but well worth it once you get there….its really quite interesting seeing Renoise doing this because it reflects the trackers 80's heritage in a very innate graphical way, almost primitive, however Renoise incongruously is everything but.

  • Jack

    I have to assume the sequence you're seeing is triggering the sample playback.

    Check out stuff by "strobe" from the milkytracker community. You'll need to grab milkytracker to play them, but it's totally worth it.

  • From reading dodgyrecording's explanation in the comments for the video, it looks like the the music playing is part of the file (available here)

    Most of those notes in each frame are either playing silence and/or getting skipped before they are reached in the pattern – most (if not all) tracker formats feature a 'skip to other line/pattern' command.

    Here's another one that looks like it was done in Milkytracker. I loaded it up, and playing each pattern individually is an amusing experience – very glitchy 😉

  • Beautiful, creative, inspiring. Re-purposing software is the new thrift store digging/pawn shopping for snubbed gear to reinvent.

  • thanks ^_^ appreciate the promotion

    it would be better if you linked to http://www.dodgyrecordings.com instead of the youtube page for that clip though… 🙂