I couldn’t be more excited than I am now about the future of After starting out in the shadow of, CDMo has some good stuff coming, and we owe that to your enthusiasm, feedback, and the great work you’re doing. To do all that we really want, and to continue to support CDM’s cost in hosting, bandwidth, time, and other resources, we do need your support. I address that in some detail on Create Digital Music, so do read there for a complete picture of where we’re at, and where I’m at, as we look forward on CDM.

We Need Your Help: Support CDM’s Future

Create Digital Motion does face some unique challenges: the live visual community remains in its infancy, which is why, in comparison to countless websites and dozens of print publications for digital music production, there’s almost nothing specific to live VJs and visuals. Reader support is more important than ever.

If I’m going to ask for your support, though, I want to give even more back. We’d love to spend more time on development and content to make Create Digital Motion far more than it is. Support for CDM — even if you can only spare a couple of dollars, which we understand as working visualists — is a vote for that future. We’ll keep you updated on how that’s going and what we’re working on.

If you can give us support, we do appreciate it — and be sure to include in comments that you’re a CDMo reader. But most of all, we appreciate you as readers. Thanks for your help.

  • Hey man, I check your site every day so I'll contribute, but a t-shirt would be awesome. Maybe even a poster of some kind. Let the swagfest begin!

  • Hey massta, I agree. Swag is coming. (Heck, we want the swag, too!)

    Custom V4 cover, too, perhaps?

  • grigori

    "Reader support is more important than ever.

    If I’m going to ask for your support, though, I want to give even more back. We’d love to spend more time on development and content to make Create Digital Motion far more than it is. "

    Readers are only very passive commodity in what seems to be the aim for much more active community as far as CDMotion/Music is concerned. Sure, you can ask for donations and perhaps you will receive financial support for
    your yearly hosting bill, though if CDM wants to grow to new heights, I'd push for turning readers into Contributors all together.

    Its a new challenge which isn't walk in the park as it present itself with some interesting technical aspects, though by bringing community into contributing bloggers under one roof, you will explore a new wave of information and collaboration as far as contribution and editorial content is concerned.

    I have followed the development of this blog from very beginning, with expansion of staff contributors to the site,- content has developed new flavours and provided for some interesting stories and leads yet at the same time it began to develop educated readership field of practising professionals that are ready to take that step that I'm describing.

    Create Digital Motion,- talk and post about it! This is where I would like to see this website go. be it WordPress MU or similar to handle the task, Im sure you'd be surprised with amount of great content that can come towards this publication which in turn would provide for more advertising space and set new heights for a greater community.

  • Grigori, that's exactly the idea for the long term — and we're working toward that. So, as we're developing some of those kinds of tools, if there's anything specific you'd like to see in how we might approach that, I'm all ears.

  • grigori


    Its not easy to describe something specific off the bat, if I to give you the answer, I'd have to cover the whole concept on the flow and management of information to justify my well balanced answer.

    Im not one of those who'd go, – I really like this green icon in the corner,- its so cute. I would take more information achitectural approach I think, you know?

    With this being said, I'd be happy to communicate and contribute with you through it.

  • Absolutely … you and anyone else, happy to talk more. Of course, we have some ideas of our own, which tend toward *both* the architectural and the green icon in the corner. 😉 But this is likely to be a process that takes place over some time with input from folks like you … the invite is open to anyone from the site to chat.

  • What I like about CDM is something new hits this site every day and every time it's something a VJ should be looking at. I'll try to contribute when ever I can, thanks for the great work! As far as taking it to the next level, I'm not sure how you can besides more posts. I really enjoyed the video camera reviews. I'd like to see a green-screen software shoot-out, a homemade camera boom build, the latest short throw projector here: ….stuff like that!

  • First up, I'd like to say that CDM (both video + audio) has been a valuable site in inspiring and contributing to my knowledge of the art.

    As one of the few working VJ's here South Africa, its great to see what's happening out there and whats possible re: technology, software, and the variety of applications.

    I think opening up the contributors list is a good idea as long as the quality stays there.
    I remember the motion graphics site going from a smallsite tween -> motionographer. they kept the quality and some interesting things like interviews / behind the scenes. I'm enjoying the Vimeo vids and the fact the content is HQ, original and mostly not available elsewhere.
    Thats worth the $50!

    Following the music post re ads and sponshorship, some very valid points have been raised. I rarely see banner ads in my browser these days and I think there are a number of people that don't. I think tShirts / posters / content spinoffs > Footage DVD's / related competitions could all help foot the bill.

    I also think there is a big enough community to support the site!


  • Hi Peter, good for you for asking readers to cough up. Self-publication is definitely a late night coffee-powered world and it is amazing the quality of writing and community that is built online without the benefit of grants (i.e. look at the print/web output of the average funded gallery/artist run center compared to ).

    I think this is amazing resource and appreciate the mutli-disciplinary approach of create digital.. it certainly informs my other online writing and publishing projects.

    I'm definitely going to make a donation soon, and am happy enough to add create digital.. to the network (i.e. Rhizome, Turbulence) of sites I am proud to support.

  • Sam

    The site is great.
    Its opened my mind so many times.
    I'm just curious, is this a not for profit project? It doesn't really matter to me either way I suppose.
    Anyway, bring on the t-shirts.

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