Sure, the name of the site may be Create Digital Motion, but don’t get me wrong — we know digital is evil. Or, specifically, digital gets real evil at certain times. There are the latency-inducing, problem-causing HDMI cables when VGA or S-Video or Composite would do the job, the “look at our brand, new storage format” trend that turns out to be “look at the hideously onerous, new copy protection method we’ve just invented.”

We know a little bit of our soul died when we brought in all this digital tech to our work. (Happy side note, though: my eyes now glow red. It’s totally awesome at parties.) So, we now proudly present The Battle for Analog, a completely nonsensical look at the analog world we might leave behind. (Well, unless you carry some mobile VHS decks to a gig, which could be a great idea … a little magnetic distortion live, anyone?)

And to kick things off, we’ve got a look back at VHS’ stand against the puppy-killing DVD, via our friends at the All Retro, All The Time, Retro Thing. So, at the risk of “boneheaded nostalgia” as someone described this in comments on RT, I present this mock VHS PSA from musclebeaver, with music from the Transformers music proudly playing in the background:

And, uh, yeah, it does appear to have been crafted in After Effects. Where is that Export to VHS option in CS3, anyway?

PS – I think Blu-Ray winning out over HD-DVD is finally Sony’s revenge for losing on superior Betamax.

  • DAT Politics anyone?


  • There is nothing inherit with digital that causes added latency or delay. Digital is great, signal attenuation becomes much less of an issue, noise by power, grounding issues, etc become mostly mitigated, etc.

    The real issue with digital video is consumer electronics have to be cheap, this means, high compression, slow, high latency digitizing/dac chips and cpus, and low quality codec implemetations, poor color sampling, etc for bandwidth reduction. However, this has nothing to do with a digital signal, but issues with specific implementations.

    I can give you uncompressed HD digitally delivered, lossless, from point a to b over fiber with a few miliseconds of delay. The issue is that these things cost a lot of money.

    If you are comparing signals and bandwidth, ie: Composite/SVideo to DVI/HDMI, you are out of your mind. Ill take a lossless 4:4;4 RGB digital format over a sub subsampled, chroma decimated analog format, thank you very much 🙂

    I think the issue is really about consumer electronics and implementation choices. Analog in theory gives you a lot of flexibility, but true analog video devices have been long gone for a while. VHS decks and other analog gear all have digital converters inside them, which dont allow dirty signals to be played in or other non video sources to be passed through. All you get now adays is the blue 'no video input' screen of doom.

    Anyway,…. ills still take my HDMI/DVI thank you very much.

  • Anton, I think you took me too seriously …

    Yes, I prefer digital over analog for at least some applications. (uh, again, title of blog, and you know me…)

    I agree absolutely. The issue is consumer implementation. I think, as well, you have the choice of implementing something for the sake of it, versus — as you're doing with intelligent choices — doing it because it fits what you're trying to do.

  • kingluma

    not sure if it is but that video looks like the work of MK12

  • grigori

    DVD kills your puppies… argggh!! you bastards 🙂

  • pescolly

    yeah, but to be blunt… vhs sucks.

  • @pescolly: no argument.

    I enjoyed doing VHS editing, though. Watching the tape actually degrade in front of my eyes *while I edited* I think made me more efficient as an editor. 😉

  • Jason

    I love that style of animation… anyone know of any good books/tutorials on achieving that look in after effects?

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  • Jonathan

    WOW!!! hahahaha, GREAT ANIMATION ! AWESOME!!