We all make all sorts of promises to ourselves about how when we have some free time, we’re going to get to various projects. Here’s a way to keep the forward progress going: make one thing every day. Our friend Ranjit, creator of the MIDI ironing board, the Mister Resistor ensemble, and a robotic Theremin, is doing just that. Having to make one thing a day means you’ll almost certainly have to simplify what you’re doing, maybe even do some things you don’t necessarily like — but always do something, which could be a great learning experience. My favorite so far: his Matchbox Synthesizer.

thing-a-day: matchbox synthesizer from ranjit on Vimeo.

Sure, it won’t win any audio fidelity awards, but it’s great fun. It gives me some other ideas for things that could be fit into a space that small, as well. See what the other daily Thingers are doing:

ranjit @ Thing-a-day.com

  • when he flipped on green 5 it made me think of my Thingamagoop purchase: it appears that tiny synthesizers are only capable of making really annoying sounds. same logic goes for pet dogs.

  • I think your logic is correct – my tiny dog makes some incredibly annoying sounds. But my matchbox synth is even worse.

  • lol well keep up the good work on this project. btw i was wondering if the parts from the matchbox synth come from breaking apart a toy or something?

  • Naw, no toy recycling there – the chips are from mouser.com and the little switches and speaker are from Active Surplus in Toronto.

    I'm going to make another matchbox synth next week. Hopefully it'll sound better!