DJ Mars

Overheard on Craigslist San Francisco:

Hi, and thanks to all you rituos brothers for reading my post. Yes, it is true, I am selling my DJ gear as I need the cash. First up is a set of turntables (1200s) played on by myself and with my own genuine autograph. I will autograph them again in front of you and sign a photo of you and me together if you buy them. I am sure you know who I am – I am DJ Mars of San Francisco!!!!!!!
Now that I have your attention, I realise that the price is high but what you are paying for is prestige. I was a big trance DJ and still am but I don’t play much as the scene has gone down. People used to love me and you can ask all the candy ravers. Times are bad now so I must make money where I can and what better than to offer a piece of me to you if you are an admirer or just like me.
The price is firm and I may also throw in a pair of needles to sweeten the deal.
Cash only, sorry.

Seeing that this is San Francisco, I might have qualified what kind of needles he means.

But yes, this is what happens when trance music is in trouble: brother, can you spare a dime, or (in this case) a $2500 asking price?

Hey, it’s another reason to go digital, especially with inexpensive DJ software out there.

Bad news for all those pricey DJ solutions we saw at NAMM, though.

Oh, and as one comment points out, it could all be fake — though maybe it still doesn’t lose its poetic impact, even in that case. Fiction is more interesting than reality, sometimes.

DJ Mars on The DJ List, for those not in the know.

Updated: Yeah, okay, probably really definitely a fake. Phil of the excellent SF Scene blog notes that the ad has now been flagged for removal. Was this a staged commentary on the state of electronic music? Just someone trying to drive up the value of a couple of used turntables? We may never know.

In other news, I see Moby has just posted a wanted ad for a new barbeque grill because he’s decided to start eating meat — what? You don’t think that’s real, either? 😉

  • J-chot

    maybe because the trance people realized the shit is corny as hell and switched to techno.

  • DJ Mars is the captain of trance, going down with the ship…

  • Could be a fake posting, as well. There's been those out there on craigslist recently, mostly to generate opinions.

  • Ahh, yeah you're probably right, it must be fake. Or Mars is more pompous than I remember, lol.

    Either way, it is a bummer. Mars played at my first rave and is the reason I became a DJ and into audio gear lo many years ago.

  • dj iVi

    yay! down with trance music!! i live in SF and breathe a sigh of relief…

  • Adrian Anders

    Trance, like all genres (in this case sub-genre/style) have their peaks and valleys.

    Unfortunately Trance seems to have peaked at least 10 years ago… and yet it seems to persist especially at mainstream rave events…cough…USC…cough…

    As bad as Trance is tho, I'm more bothered by how incredibly generic and dull mainstream "Techstep"-ish D&B has become. I mean am I right that it seems like every D&B track these days sounds exactly the same?

    Ahhhhh, at least there's Breakbeat, Broken Beat, IDM, and various indie electronic music styles to wet my appetite for future music.


  • I should rephrase this question:

    What genre is so blazingly hot that we'll make so much money on gigs that we'll be able to *buy* lots of new gear?


    Oooh, and if we buy the new gear at a discount from the genre that's dying … hmm…

  • Adrian Anders

    Whatever's popular Peter… whatever's popular.

    In the US it's NEVER been electronic… with the exception of the most intellectually bankrupt House, Techno, Trance, D&B, and Breakbeat.

    Almost everything else is so niche here that you'll be lucky to earn a meager living from CDs and touring alone.


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  • Maybe it's the fact that he still plays on turn tables with overpriced vinyl, and not keep his sound fresh (at a much lower cost), that made people loose interest?

    Maybe he just kept on playing some cheesy hard trance, with those trumpet riffs?

    That's definitely one advantage after trance faded from its commercial throne; at least I don't have to be embarrassed when I turn on the radio & hear those cheesy trance remixes… don't get me wrong I love my trance, but that cheap Sammy rubbish …

  • @Adrian: I was, uh, joking. 😉

    DJ Mars, if it's all NOT true, if you're hanging onto your 1200s, do feel free to jump in and say the word. We're logging IPs. We'll know it's really you.

  • Michail

    To be honest, i do not really know if the decline of trance isn't a bad thing at all…

  • would anyone really say "people used to love me" ?

    I mean, OK – perhaps an egotist might think 'people currently love me', but when times are less good an egotist then surely resorts to 'people don't understand my genius'.

    I know a few old music biz names who sell their signed equipment, and they never ever mention that it is because they are less popular!

    It's hardly a selling point is it?

    I think that no-one would ever say "people used to love me", unless it was in a egotist's suicide note.

  • Angstrom from TimeShard? I e-mailed you years ago about maybe getting some old tapes of yours. I'm a huge fan. Cheers!

  • (stands up)

    I am DJ Mars!

  • ian

    trance has always had a bad rap – even in production communities, i mean sectionz was one of the most useful resources for me as a new producer years ago, but then it just seemed to get overrun by all these trance kiddies that had no useful critiques (where the whole POINT of the site was to give criticism on mixes, techniques, etc.)

    but to some extent this should be titled "trance (in america) falls on hard times", i'm american myself but frequent blogs like daily, and the trance scene is still chugging away, if not evolving… i must say some of the dark psy coming out of the eastern block is just insanely amazing!

    it's a shame though, because i understand SF to be one of the best scenes for electronic music in general in the country. pretty much anywhere in europe you'll hear trance on the radio the way we hear nickelback or the white stripes on every other radio station.

  • As of Tuesday at 9.36PST the ad had been flagged for removal, so I suspect that this is a fake.

  • Sizzurp Sippa

    In the US it’s NEVER been electronic… with the exception of the most intellectually bankrupt House, Techno, Trance, D&B, and Breakbeat.

    Are you talking pop music? Hip Hop music is electronic, and is the most popular pop genre of music in the United States. Americans love electronic music.

    And Techno and House music, while not very popular in its birthplace in the U.S., has enough people outside the U.S. who dig the sounds of Detroit or Chicago or whatever that it doesn't matter if poeple in the U.S. like it or not. Jeff Mills or Derrick May may not be well known in the U.S., but they are like superstars elsewhere in the world.

  • khof

    wait, what the hell is trance? hahaha.