Thanks to everyone who ran the system spec gauntlet and proudly entered our 3L Beta Giveaway. We’ll draw and announce the winners on Monday when ExiledSurfer and I have finished our respective travel itineraries.

In the meantime, for those who would like to get a head start on the 3L interface, artificialeyes have released the manual for public consumption (Download link: 1.2MB PDF).

When you open that file, you’ll be confronted with the following image.

3L Manual RTFM

Sage advice. artificialeyes have made some very interesting interface design choices with this software, and while they’ve packed a huge amount of control and signal flow functionality into a single screen interface, few would accuse it of being intuitive. Even with Michael and Todd showing you through the system it’s still quite confusing, and takes some time for the 3L paradigm to sink in. So for those 5 new beta testers hitting the software on Monday, getting a head start on the manual will have you blasting pixels out smoother and faster.

Good luck! As the commercial release of 3L approaches I’m sure we’ll have more exciting news coming.

Hang tight — we will have that announcement here. It’s Monday in New York for another few hours. -Ed.

  • Lee

    Nice. Thanks!

  • In other news, I think we need a t-shirt of that image. 😉

  • I agree. Michael?

  • schwag. gimmegimmeschwag

  • obviously the baby jesus hates me, since i´m not in the beta program 🙂

  • Peter and friends, if you guys wanted to put that on a t-shirt, and weren't going to screen it yourselves, and CDM doesn't already have a Cafepress shop, I'd be happy to host it on mine (Gear Addict). Let me know if I can help…

    Till then…See you at Yuri's night!!

  • Sorry if I wasn't clear. That's artificialeyes' image. So I think it's their job to make the tshirt, or get someone else to do so 🙂

    It would be an awesome piece of schwag to get with 3L though, Michael? Perhaps a super special limited edition version?

  • Its great… I'll keep an eye out on their site…

  • will get in touch with jordan…

  • With the speediness of the internet and a little iChatting, I'm glad to announce that after meeting/talking to Michael, the design is now up on link in two flavors (image sizes) for your personal taste and on a ton of different items.



  • The above link takes you to the storefront. This is the direct link to the VJ Section I meant to post:


  • Apparently my XHTML isn't formatting right or my typing is terrible… how about a good ol' fashioned URL 🙂


  • Hi Jordan. You need to close those links. So typing isn't enough, you need to give it some link text and then close the link, so:

    this is a link

    I've edited the above ones for you.

  • ahhh thanks Jaymis. I cant believe I did that. Feel free to point and laugh 🙂