There’s been quite some interest — and discussion of the relative merits of high-end mixers — in the boutique DJ mixer Ecler EVO4. It’s a more svelte rendition of the EVO5, and also doubles as a hybrid MIDI control surface. There’s still no word on pricing, but if it comes anywhere close to a US$1000 street, I think it could be serious competition for the cheaper but apparently flakier Korg ZERO range.

At least now we know what the thing looks like:


I like the design — it’s not hard to imagine digital musicians and laptopists/electronicistas having good fun with this as much as traditional DJs. The MIDI controls look a little disappointing, though.

Previously (with lots of comments):

MIDI + Mixing: Ecler EVO4 DJ Mixer Specs, EVO5 UpdateMIDI + Mixing: Ecler EVO4 DJ Mixer Specs, EVO5 Update

  • I think that this layout is perfect. You should be able to control your virtual mixer in the same exact way you control the mixer in reality. The only drawback I can see right away is that there is not an Eternal crossfader shown, which is one the Huge selling points of Ecler mixers.

    I doubt this will kill the Zero8, or replace many Pioneer800's, but it should.

  • I like the balanced layout, looks nicer to me than the EVO5, and the FX faders look quite tasty as well. One of the best things about Ecler mixers is the feel of the knobs and faders.

    Looks like it has onboard FX – I prefer outboard effects, and this will definitely bump the price. I'm also curious to know if the FX can go 100% wet – for some reason the FX send/return was limited in the NUO4.

    Looking at the input selects, it appears to still be either/or with regards to audio and MIDI control – note that the select switches toggle between Phono, Line, and MIDI. This would be consistent with the way other Ecler mixers such as the NUO4 have worked.

    Worth noting that now MIDI is on all four channels – the NUO4 only supported two channels of MIDI.

    I also think dropping the touchscreen is a good move – it strikes me as overkill and no doubt inflated the price of the EVO5.

    Hopefully Ecler continues to pay attention to user feedback – I believe that with a bit of tweaking they are on the verge of being, if not a Pioneer-killer, certainly a worthy alternative.

    Re: the Eternal Xfader – I believe these units are user-upgradable to the Eternal Xfader, makes sense to leave it up to users if they want to shell out the extra cash, since it is a benefit primarily for scratch DJs.

  • Well, the EVO5 now has a firmware update that lets you use MIDI and audio simultaneously. It seems that Ecler thinks you don't *want* to do that. (But, of course, some of us at least want the option.)

    But that's correct, the EVO4 appears to do MIDI on all four channels which is very cool.

    Hope to get hands-on with this and the EVO5 soon. Sounds like there's an EVO5 in town, so I may be able to collaborate on a video. I'm particularly interested in integration with Ableton Live, etc.

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    Controlling your digital audio source (synth,daw) with the mixers midi channel and streaming the audio to the same channel IS THE FEATURE that made zero8 so popular! If ecler denies to learn that they deserve to be left in the shadows of the others manufacturers.

    Also I hope some manufacturers would also understand that putting more knobs to a small interface IS NOT always best for live performance ergonimics, quite the opposite. Proper good quality knobs spaced so that there room to tweak and the interface would not be crammed so tight your fingers dont have any space to move in.

    Weäll see.. cheers,

  • Hey guys! Jon from ECLER USA here. Just wanna answer a few questions you guys have.

    -The ETERNAL fader is not included to keep costs down. The fader itself would add about $150 to the retail cost of the mixer, and 90% of 4 channel FX mixer users are not into scratch, at least not hardcore scratching that the ETERNAL fader is designed for. Of course, it is an option, for those that would need it!

    -The effects processors both have DRY/WET faders (as you can see the vertical faders for each one). This works the same as their NUO5 and EVO5 mixers, where the fader moves from 100% DRY signal to 100% WET (and anything in between). I beleive it also has an external FX loop for external FX processors.

    -The EVO4 is NOT designed to compete with the Korg Zero8 mixer, this is what the EVO5 is made for (with 4416 MIDI commands, effects, soundcard etc). The EVO4 is designed to be a 12" 4 channel club mixer with some MIDI implementation, which, IMHO, is better designed than those of the DJM series (which only allows MIDI to be turned ON/OFF on the ENTIRE mixer). It competes directly with the DJM-800/700, A&H XONE:42/62/92 and Vestax 580.

    -If you are looking for a 4-channel, 12" analog mixer with no effects and other fancy features (I'm looking at you, beatfix! 😛 ), there is the new NUO4.0, which forgoes the MIDI control, but includes a MUCH better external FX section (FX SEND and RETURN! FINALLY!). Its also only $750!

  • Jon, thanks for confirming / adding to the details on these mixers, and for being part of the discussion. I am a fan of Ecler mixers – all my comments are meant as constructive, and will hopefully be taken in that spirit.

    My dream mixer is one that behaves like a regular audio mixer, but allows you to turn MIDI on or off, independently of the other (audio) functions. MIDI – and the way it is implemented – is absolutely crucial to me.

    Imagine a setup where the DJ and VJ are working side by side. The DJ is concentrating solely on mixing music (vinyl, CDs). Meanwhile, every movement that he/she makes on the mixer (xfader, upfaders, EQs, FX) is being transmitted as MIDI data to the VJ. The VJ then interprets this MIDI data, and uses it to create or effect live visuals, in essence creating a visual picture of the DJ's mixing technique, all without adding a single drop of complexity to the DJ's job.

    The Pioneer DVJs are appealing because they allow CD DJs to translate their technique to video without having to learn a new mixing style. Serato SL-video is doing the same thing for vinyl DJs. The ideal MIDI-capable DJ mixer should work the same way – provide simultaneous audio and video control, without changing the way people work. Presented and marketed properly, it should be a no-brainer for experienced DJs who want to add video to their sets.

    And, the best part is that this can be all done while still supporting the unique needs of users of Live, Traktor, and other computer-music packages.

    It just requires a slightly more flexible MIDI implementation to work – for all I know it could be done in firmware, as Peter indicates has been done with the EVO5. If the NUO4 could be given this capability as well, it would be a huge added value for visualists and A/V artists.


    j e f f

  • Just a quick follow-on – after asking on the VJ Forums and scanning the manual online, I am now fairly sure that the Pioneer DJM-800 does indeed handle audio and MIDI at the same time.

    That doesn't necessarily make it a clear winner, though, because:

    a) it's still quite expensive

    b) except for the transmit channel, the MIDI assignments appear to be fixed, not assignable

    c) there are no dedicated MIDI knobs (a nice bonus feature on the Eclers)

    d) there's no Firewire / USB port, making it less attractive for computer musicians

    As always, curious to hear from others with hands-on experience.

    j e f f

  • reg'

    question about pricing for EVO4 EVO5 and EVOA

    evo 5 with 4416 MIDI commands, effects, soundcard etc for EURo 1,650.00

    EVO 4 how many midi commands effects souncard ?? is it traktor certified ?? How much could you please give an aproximativve price usd or EURO

    evoA antoine Clamaran New for july 2008

    same question

    i'm so desapointed about specs techs mentioned on th evobyecler website regarding the EVO 4

    i have and NUO3 old version i had big troubles the ac power circuit i know it's an issue on severals ecler mixers

    is it a new AC power inside evo's ??

    merci de vos réponses a tous

    and sorry for my english …