p10 The Edirol V-8 mixer is the big story as far as new VJ gear at Messe, but the P-10 “Visual Presenter” is an interesting piece, too. It’s a video sampler, basically, as was the now-discontinued Korg Kaptivator. The P-10 has a number of advantages over the Kaptivator that could make it a big hit for sampling. First, it’s more compact: you get 12 pads and a tidy control layout in a small space that you could easily pack with a laptop. Second, while Roland hasn’t announced official pricing, we expect it to cost less than the Korg. But most importantly, the P-10 uses a standard video format (MJPEG, or JPEG stills) stored on removable SD media. That means you could shoot video and stills on a portable camera that supports MJPEG and JPEG and drop the card straight into the P-10 — hot stuff.

Basic features:

  • MJPEG video, JPEG stills
  • Built-in display
  • Capture audio and video live via onboard inputs
  • 12 triggers, effects dials

Edirol P-10 Product Page [ Worldwide Site]

There’s also V-LINK support and a slide-show function. But for me, sampling + removable MJPEG is the real story. The image we’ve got is a prototype and is expected to change by production time. Price and ship date TBD; stay tuned.

While we wait, I may have to whip up a little applet that automatically loads and catalogs stuff I shoot on my Canon digicam, along the same lines… I can see getting through some paid gigs this way.

  • Peter, I believe you're thinking of the Korg Kaptivator, which is a more analogous device to the P-10 (clip-based sampler / triggering device).

    The price of the Kaptivator was slashed recently by some gear sellers, and the impending arrival of this device was probably a reason why. As you mention, support for removable media, non-proprietary formats, and audio make the P-10 an easy winner when comparing the two.

    It's Christmas in March for hardware VJs, apparently, between the Vixid, V-8, and this box.

  • Damn, I get the two confused all the time. I did mean Kaptivator.

  • MoRpH

    Tidy little box, might be a good addition to the arsenal, will have to speak to my Roland contacts and see if I can;t take one for a test drive.

  • about pricing: i've heard something about "the original price of the v4" at the musikmesse

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  • WTF is up with all this coded language?
    P10 looks sweet. think it will let me remove one computer from my rig.
    my only question is:
    When scrubbing video does it scrub the audio too?
    If so , im getting one if not then i won't.
    Couldn't find an answer anywhere.
    Anyone know?

  • Sorry, spam attack I somehow missed (not sure how, usually catch that!)

    Not sure about scrubbing audio; I'll ask.

  • Any word yet on when this will be available for sale in the US?
    I have a gig on Halloween and would love to get one ASAP so i can have enough time to practice with it before hand.
    Also any definite answers on whether or not you can scrub/scratch audio synced with a video clip?

  • this seems too good to be true. I wonder how smooth the triggering with midi is? I'm weary of any promise of "instant" play back from Edirol. I wish I could find a place in Toronto that lets you try before buy… no luck yet though.

  • Tasman,
    I will be doing a full review of the P10 soon.
    with video so maybe that can help you make your decision
    *not paid by edirol*

  • quick preview test before my full review coming later this month.