Good news: the Korg DS-10, a Nintendo DS musical instrument (synth + drum machine + sequencer) based on Korg’s MS-10, is not going to be limited to Japan, despite what the publisher’s website says. From the DS-10 blog:

Hi there! my name is Tomi from AQI Inc.and I’ll be in charge of this product for international territories. For those of you out there wondering the release of DS-10 other than Japan, well, here’s a good news. YES, we will release DS-10 worldwide and currently we’re making an adjustment with each territory. So please be patient. Your support means a lot to us and we’ll keep you all with the latest update of the international release as soon as possible.

Via Matrixsynth.

Thanks to Mark Mathews for the tip!

  • dead_red_eyes


  • Richard Lawler

    It's too bad it's so unlistenable.

  • @Richard: maybe it's all in the preset design?

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  • cdmr

    something tells me they should have waited and developed this for the iphone / ipod touch instead.

  • Hmmm… except for the fact that the DS has sold something like 50 million units versus iPhone which is something like a 10th of that, the stylus is more precise than your finger for the application here, the DS is available worldwide and iPhone isn't, and the DS is cheaper.

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  • Mikkel

    I feel like a kid on christmas eve! Shit i am excited!!!

  • Hufnagel

    Yes, that was my first thought. It´ll be a great reason to buy an iphone. Normally I´d say that because Mac developers have a better nose for what users really want then the guys from Microsoft it could be expected for the market. Well, but I am from Germany, and innovations cannot be expected if you think that the german telekom is the exclusive Partner for the iphone. Their marketing experts are slow like our soccer team. So if I do not want to wait until I am grey and old, I will have to buy the module for DS. Thanks to the powerfull japanese Family:)

  • MrPheZ

    Gwah ha haa haaaaaa!

    I can't wait!

    *laughter fades*

  • So when!!!