Daft who? In case you haven’t heard, the “it” French duo of the moment is Justice. Sure, they may not have a giant light-up pyramid on tour, but, their new album was one of the records we couldn’t stop listening to in 2007 (as opposed to Daft Punk, still riding the momentum of tunes we haven’t gotten out of our heads in years). Their new video is terrific eye candy for those with fond memories of 1980s bumpers, the sparkly titles aired by movie studios and cable TV networks. Good times.


I enjoyed this enough that I was curious if readers could spot nods to other spots (the UA logo is in there, for one):

From an Age Before CG: Justice Video Recalls Vintage HBO Motion Graphics [Create Digital Motion]

Now, with all of those, erm, words in this video, I’m sure fans will soon be labeling various body parts and doing their own videos.

  • I wish I could have this on repeat everywhere I looked. This song has been stuck in my head since the album came out last June, and this video further cements it as one of the best pop tunes to come out of 2007. Superb.

  • bw


  • bliss

    I caught Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue's Steven Bochco's animated logo at the very end. I also caught Carolco's logo that shortly preceded Bochco's.

  • AJ

    That's awesome!

    Of course what we see is a mix of tributes to traditional 2-D / optical effect titles and early CG titles (a lot of Robert Abel & Associates, etc. work).

    There was an intermediate step to CG graphics called the Scanimate System — a kind of video synthesizer — I just blogged about it this weekend.

  • Cort3x

    Brilliant video, I would really like to see it in a higher quality… Although with loss of quality due to compression, I guess it sort of looks like VHS? =)

  • Cool video! Shame about the music, though.

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  • guidedbyVOIP

    whats the video with the lyrics written on two tshirts worn while walking around some urban area? anyone?

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  • Good music from … France. I'd love it if Air listened to this stuff and maybe became good again.

    I quite like the song but find it annoying when parts of the track are muted to emphasize some part of the video. That guy's leather jacket must really stink. He has it on every day.

    I also find it interesting how people casually weigh in on Justice and Daft Punk. -Cue casual weigh in – My take is that they are an extension beyond the looped filter funk of early Daft Punk. Daft Punk got more into what could be termed "songs" and Justice are taking it all that one step further. Like Kraftwerk but with emotions and … facial hair.

    Of course, anybody that is hip is already moved on to Surkin and checking Shinichi Osawa.

    Justice are the new Hall & Oates.

    Its one to grow on!

    So-Me is quite into retro niche style and this reminds me of how the Beastie Boys would dig on different vibes. It is kind of cool but will probably confuse and lose any broader audience.

    Incidentally, I watched Kanye's Daft Punk performance with some friends and their impression was that it was geeky and "old stuff".

    What can you do?

    Great Blog!

  • So-Me is the art director for the Ed Banger record label.

  • Raffael

    Hi GuidedByVOIP, i think that video you speak of is Justice's D.A.N.C.E.

  • Great visual representation of Nostalgia, for a group that perfects what we used to call retro. That is until retro became associated with the likes of Lenny Kravitz.

  • Magic Crystals: I note you mention the music 'ducking' to make space for the visual parts – I believe this is in fact another reference in the video, this time to the Jackson's – Can You Feel It. It has very similar visual effects to the Scanimate stuff above, and every time an fx has sound it pushes the song back! Genius


  • aj

    And the Jacksons video inspired the Klaxons' "Golden Skans" – even down to sound effects that ride over the music: