pacemakersoft Everyone and their dog seems to be trying to get into the social Web, but Tonium, the folks who built the pricey but slick-looking Pacemaker mobile DJ player, have an interesting take. They’re combining mobile hardware, mixing and media management and software, and social site in one integrated service. It’s a bit like iTunes, Beatport, iPod, and Traktor had a love child. The idea is a three-pronged approach: there’s the portable DJ MP3 player we’ve seen before, for storing your music library and mixing sets on the fly, editor software that lets you fine-tune mixes, and a web community that lets you share mixes with other Pacemaker users. The editor syncs with the hardware, mixes from the hardware and the software can go online — you get the idea.

All of this looks good — and literally looks good, with lots of shiny black business on the website — but the question remains whether anyone can be taken seriously DJing this way, or perhaps whether that matters. The target seems to be casual listeners wanting a slightly more interactive experience, and people with some cash to spare. The software is already interesting, but time stretch and more customized effects are still due in an update. I also wonder if some people will just forgo the hardware and use the web tool and software. beta

Tonium launches Pacemaker online community [Webware] — our friend Donald Bell notes that the site has had to sign some deals with labels and place restrictions on how often an artist appears in a mix

  • Adrian Anders

    Open SDK iPhone/iPod Touch is going to kill Pacemaker.

    I predict the next-gen of iPod DJing consoles are going to be combination hardware/custom iPhone software designed for two docked iPhones/Touches. Why mess around with an esoteric piece of kit that doesn't integrate as well with your iTunes librarian (as much as I love Foobar, it's just not nearly as popular), when you can just use your existing iPod Touches and/or iPhones and use third-pary DJing software on the device. Perhaps even brand-names like Traktor or Serato….

    Pacemaker will fail, sorry guys.

  • MrMZ

    If anything should get a Fail it's iPod DJing.

    Ha ha ha.

  • No, Adrian has a point (and he's a Windows user, not a Mac fanboy). Because iPhone's SDK has Core Audio and Audio Unit support, building in serious sound capabilities becomes a real possibility (provided the hardware keeps up).

  • MrMZ


    So to clarify I'm not trying to knock Adrian or get into the whole fan zone Mac / Windows thing. (Tools are tools some more effective some less depending on the job at hand.)

    I was making a sarcastic joke along the lines of-DJing is loosing it's DJ-ness.

    I just hope I never roll to a party and see some dude "texting a set on stage"! LOL.

    Right up there with the email jokes. You see.

    Technology is amazing though.

    Oh and my other humorous thought which I'm sure someone has coined already. Disc Jockey is now Disk Jockey or Digi Jock. We can get rid of the vinyl but we can't shed those two letters can we?

    Have a good night and thanks for all the cool info gathering Peter.

  • MrMZ — oh, absolutely. Totally agree. Yeah, and I tend to feel the same way about the Pacemaker. An interesting gadget, maybe even a lot of fun, but it seems high on the price side while still being limited as far as, it just doesn't seem like something you'd actually DJ with.

    But my point was just, because iPhone's SDK has these desktop-class development tools, I don't know where we might go next. And I suspect that soon the iPhone won't be the only mobile device with those kinds of software capabilities (Linux devices are not far behind).

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  • Richard Lawler

    One problem that will initially inhibit iPhone-based DJ tools is that the iPhone SDK doesn't currently provide access to the iPod music database. And the provisions of the development agreement are that 3rd party apps may only use officially published API and may not directly access other applications' data. On the other hand, there are Jailbreak-ware apps currently available for the iPhone that do access the music database (e.g. Tap-Tap-Revolution). So an iPhone-based DJ tool is clearly possible, but not currently by Apple's rules.

  • masterslave

    I'd much prefer something like this than two iPods in a mixer. If you want to have fun playing at house parties and small clubs, it sounds like fun… And it doubles up as 120 gig music player!

  • And, it has two separate audio outs so you can cue/monitor.

    We shot a video at last years Plasa in London:

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