Our friend Florian Grote is giving a workshop at STEIM in Amsterdam on Pure Data, the open source patching environment that’s a close cousin to Max/MSP. Florian tells us there are a couple of spots left for anyone near STEIM. The workshop is geared for composers, live performers who want to create their own instruments, and installation/visual artists interested in working with GEM’s visual capabilities.

The workshop will start with a thorough, two-day introduction to creative audio work in Pd, and then expand its focus on the GEM extension library for Pd. With GEM, sophisticated tools for visualization are available directly inside Pd, and their handling is not different from the audio-related elements. This enables Pd users to seamlessly integrate their own visuals into their musical performances or installations, as well as to get creative with the user interfaces for their instruments.

Cost is EUR200. There’s also a class blog, which I’ll be watching closely to make up for not being out there.

Pure Data & GEM Workshop @ STEIM

  • ian

    say what you will, GEM might be outdated, but to me, openGL will always be king, and combined with Pd, you better watch the f* out!

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    Kind regards, Cilente