In case you haven’t seen the stunt spreading, meme-like, around the blogosphere, graffiti artist Skullphone hacked ten Los Angeles-area billboards owned by ClearChannel. It’s the coolest thing to happen to LA’s billboards since L.A. Story. And that was a movie, not real.

See it on Skullphone and Curbed L.A. via Textually and Supertouch, and F.A.T. and Anti-Advertising Agency, via Gizmodo and MAKE.

Now, this deserves special mention here because I imagine almost everyone here has dreamed of hijacking giant digital billboards — the way musicians dream of playing the Hollywood Bowl or being on the cover of Rolling Stone or something.

Not that we condone such behavior, of course. No, that’d be illegal.

Too bad you can only get away with stuff like this in LA and not, say, Times Square or Tokyo.

Okay, maybe not “hacked.” If by “hacked” you mean “rented from ClearChannel, the owner of the sign,” then this is a hack. Oops. Speaking of which, I’d better make sure to check my bank balance and make sure I can hack this month’s apartment. So much for sticking it to ClearChannel, evil corporate overlord. (Now, does someone know if you could hack these signs?)

I like Wired’s term, too — “checkbook culture jamming.” And now you know what to get your favorite visualist for his/her birthday, eh? (Thanks for the correction, mememamo!)

  • mememamo

    wired is reporting that this is actually a paid ad, not a hack after all…

  • Hmm, whoops.

    Does this also mean Skullphone didn't do this installation under a rain of sniper fire?

  • This is totally awesome – i saw that one night driving, and i knew exactly what he was up too…

  • wow, what a coincidence, yesterday while in santa monica, i saw my first digital billboard and thought, wow, some really cool stuff could be displayed on those things, I even pulled over to look at it for a couple of mins, more-so because im obsessed with LEDS. But funny that a day after I saw it this blog post comes up

    Ive met the artist and LOVE his work, he actual also did visuals for one of our parties about 3-4 years ago glad to see he's doing well

  • tobimcfly