proem headlines the CDM party Monday night, with myself and Lila’s Medicine, backed by Jay Smith and friends’ best visualists in Texas (brought to you by Livid Instruments). Photo (from the Decibel Festival, not in Austin): pinkpucca.

Texas, here we come. Before the armies of bands hit Austin for South by Southwest, we’ve got some events going during SxSW Interactive — the “spring break for Web geeks” festival of online tech.

Laptopists battle it out Saturday night 3/8: The Digital Showcase at the Austin Museum of Art is holding a Laptop Battle for Texan laptop artists. I’ll be judging, along with CDM reader favorite (and reader) proem, and two other judges. The night also  features performances from New Berlin and Richard Gear, plus live visuals from CDMotion contributor Dan Winckler. Details at AMODA, (A paltry $4-$7, and even 18 year-olds can get in.)

Explore creative interfaces for data Sunday 3/9: My panel with interaction design pioneer S. Joy Mountford (Apple, Yahoo) will look at how Web information can become a fluid, artistic medium for visualization and sonification. Details at Create Digital Motion. (Requires SxSW Interactive badge.)

Live CDM music and motion party Monday 3/10: Bring your musical, visual toys, custom code, and DIY projects and hang out with other CDMers at 8pm, then stick around for live performances from musicians and visualists. Details below; let us know you’re coming at, Facebook, SXSWHERE party guide. Free, no badge required.


We built this city … CDM metropolis as conceived by Nat aka onetonnemusic.

More on the CDM party — good chance to chill before SxSW Music unloads on you!

CDM Live Music + Motion @ SxSW Interactive

Brought to you by CDM and Livid Instruments, makers of the Ohm. (See our interview last month; very curious to see Jay use this live in the party — will try to get some video of it in action, assuming I’m not playing at the time.)

8:00 PM — Open mixer / project share: bring your custom code, custom patches, favorite music and motion toys, and DIY hardware — finished or not — and hang out with CDM readers, Austin’s digital scene, and SxSWers.



Peter Kirn

Lila’s Medicine


Live visuals from Livid Instruments and Friends:

Jay Smith – Livid Instruments

Kusser – Open Labs

… and surprise visualist appearances

Please RSVP
No SxSW badge required
(but you can wear it as a badge of honor, if you like)

And the East German judge says…

More specs on the AMODA party Saturday:


  • When you say to bring our DIY hardware, should we bring laptops to plug in & throw down sound + video style, or will it be more of a show-and-tell? Either way sounds good. We're RSVP'd.

  • Just wanted to say CDMCITY.JPG is and awesome image! Top work mate!

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  • I've been to one of these before. It's actually really cool. I was just a little scepticle of all the so-called "freestyle" creation. Some of the battlers creations had to have been long premeditated.

    -iTunes, eat your heart out.

  • Hi Aux,

    Could be a bit of a combination, depending on who shows and what they bring. When we've done the Handmade Music gigs in NY, we generally all try to make a ruckus. If you're bringing stuff, get there at 8 and we'll make it happen!


  • proem reads cdm?


  • Peter so good to hear you're coming to Austin. I've been waiting for a CDM event to take place in Austin! Francis Preve speaks absolutely highly of you. Can't wait to be there, can't wait to meet all you guys! See you Monday! 🙂

  • Cool! I'm glad to see someone in the judging booth will be representing the internet this time around.

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  • Hey Peter I tried to RSVP but it seems like I'm having issues trying to make it happen. Its going to be me and another guest, possibly another one as well. I'm trying to round up some troops to go. Think it would be a great experience for all, a little bit of knowledge building never hurt anyone. 🙂 See you guys there!