Delving into Audiovisual performance, it’s easy to get overwhelming. Mashing up commercials, music videos, sampled footage and more can quickly lead to eyeball meltdown.

Here, then – Mike Winkelmann (as Beeple) takes simple and distinct typographic elements, synced to a minimal lo-fi tech soundtrack to create AV that is masterfully compelling and straightforward.

Beeple – Century Gothic from momo_the_monster on Vimeo.

Mr. Winkelmann continues to produce and release as Beeple – he’s created new more fanciful works since his first appearance on CDM. See his whole library at

Also, he’s got screenings of IV.7(annoyingly small mix) coming up at Ann Arbor Film Festival (March 25-30), as well as the Wisconsin Film Festival (April 3-6th).

  • Absolutely beautiful. I love the aesthetic. Any word on what software he used, and wther it is midi synced?

  • vvvoid

    Cool vid.
    (notice the green graf dick-slash comes in 2/4 through)

    Music could be greatly improved by losing that godawful 303 sound, tho.

  • massta

    I like the vectorial visual-music style to this piece. Beeps (Beeple) remind me of this old character:

  • Nice.

    Really nice. Very simple. Would be interested to know the technique behind it as Kempton asked.

  • I was palying aroudn with quartz composer this weekend I think that might be what was used. I took midi out from Ableton live, fed that into quartz composer, and then used the velocity to trigger various rendered objects. I was able to produce a similar effect, although much, much simpler. Beepler's attention to detail and complexity is really quite wonderful, especially with regards to the motions each sound's object makes.

  • blackthizz

    Beeple is definitely heading into some interesting territory. Though I think his youtube videos are far more true to his personal style. I'd bet this ascii vid was made in After Effects- as were the rest of his library.

    & just so we are on the same page…
    Aesthetic minimalism does not mean 800 morbidly-synched typographic elements flashing in the same place for the duration of a musical track.

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