There’s a simply insane amount of electrified music happening here in the US this week:

  • Bent Festival NY: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights are concerts at the Bent Festival in NY, not only of circuit bending but other DIY sound, as well. Stop by Saturday during the day for a day full of workshops. (also on Facebook)
  • Thursday, Bent NY sponsor The Tank will be hosting Warper Vs. Splice, a 2-floor audiovisual collision in downtown NYC; I’ll be on music + eyethings in the middle of the evening. (See Facebook)
  • Saturday, The Tank hosts the 8-bit crowd, also concurrent with Bent, at the regular Pulsewave, in case at that point you’ve had your fill of bending and higher bit depths
  • Bent Festival Minneapolis does it all again next weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights) for the middle of America, with workshops during the day. Don’t miss our friends Beatrix*Jar (above) and CDM’s Mike Una giving a free workshop — get there early for one of 12 MIDI-to-relay kits to use.
  • Ethermusic Festival in North Carolina won’t just have a lineup of all the world’s great Theremin players, with people like Dorit Chrysler (below), Lydia Kavina, Sheuh-Li Ong, and other important people, plus CDM readers Scott Burland and Frank Shultz doing a Theremin + lap steel duet. (Thanks to Frank for the heads-up!) It’ll also have something else…

It sounds as though Moog Music is going to officially announce the thing they’re making that involves subliminal guitar images during Ethermusic. So, if you’re there, bring a camera for any one of those reasons.

As I write this, both Moog’s and Ethermusic’s sites are hiccupping; hopefully the Evil Carolina Server Hag hasn’t gotten to them. I’m sure all is well as you read this.


Now, I’m embarrassed to admit that I can’t actually play Theremin any better than this cat. Not worse, necessarily. I’m very much on the cat’s level. Fortunately, I won’t be playing Theremin tomorrow at The Tank.

  • dead_red_eyes

    A friend of mine in Japan has that same small red Theremin. Apparently it can boxed with some magazine, and there was even a Cornelius article inside with a picture of him holding the red Theremin and discussing how much he likes to play them.

  • It's Lydia Kavina with a K.

    I seriously, seriously wish I was going to this event, but my own Thereminization only began about a month ago and I didn't have time to set up a trip east. I'm planning on it next year though.

    Looking forward to Moog's announcement, and some new YouTube videos, and the new insights to be offered at 🙂

  • Eep. A cat must have stepped on my keyboard. 😉

  • Downpressor

    Whats with that first photograph? Looks totally staged for political correctness and made safe for the non music making masses. Nice decently dressed, inter-racial couple making music together on a neatly arranged non threatening table, considerate enough to use headphones so as not to disturb the neighbors.

    OTOH to attack the staging in the name of political correctness: Why is the only person of color performing the technically less challenging role of DJ? Why is the only female in such an obviously subservient role? This clearly supports the phalocentric technocratic status quo which has been opposed by the Peoples Popular Front of Circuit Benders as co-signed by the Revolutionary Womyns Theremin Brigade.

    Aw forget it, I could care less about that stuff. Just felt like yanking some chain after the kerfuffle about the picture of the young asian woman playing the laser harp thing a while back. Hope all the events go off without a hitch and a splendid time is had by all.

    dead_red_eyes you are absolutely correct. I came close to picking one of those up a week or so ago.

  • Claudio

    WOWZRS!!!!!! KITEE CAN HAZ SKILZ!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Adrian

    Heh – I have that theremin – I found the magazine in a bookshop on Hong Kong. The magazine is called "Science for Adults" and most of that issue is about theremins. I enjoyed making the kit, but in the end the theremin left me a little underwhelmed. It's a nice demonstration of the effect, but the actual sound isn't too great.

  • Howdy

    @Downpressor: Aptly named. So much wrongness in your first two paragraphs…as a "person of color, electronic musician and DJ, I'm just saddened by your attempt at humor.

    The Otona no Kagaku with the red theremin is available on Ebay, I got two. Sure, it's pitch only, and sounds like an singing mosquito, but it's extensively hackable, with circuit bending articles (with schematics) in the magazine! If you buy one, tell Minoru Rock sez Hi.


  • @Downpressor: Seriously; I'm guessing you're trying to be funny here, but do this again and you're deleted. They happen to be a couple — that's Beatrix*Jar. So the photo is staged, but they play those very instruments together all the time.

    Let's stay on topic, and nobody will get hurt, okay?


    Dont forget some Saturday chiptunage, also at the tank!

  • Downpressor

    Well now I know where things stand around here. Feel free to delete the comment. I'd hoped that the third paragraph would make it clear that the previous two were not to be taken seriously. I still think the photo is goofy, but thats besides the point.

    Rock Robertson,

    As a person of extremely mixed ethnicity, electronic musician, and DJ I'm saddened you took it at all seriously.

  • @Downpressor

    Ah, the poverty of words on a page. If we could all hear each other, we'd probably be a happier civilization. This is why I hate text messaging, nuance is lost. As leader of the Socialist Collective of Personable Guys Whom Are Humourless Sounding In Textural Contexts, my deepest apologies for mistaking exuberance for an agenda.

    And you really should get one of those little red theremins. They are teh funzors.


  • Downpressor

    Rock Robertson,

    Understood. Perhaps Ill get the likkle red box tomorrow and see if I cant interest my cat in performing for us.