chibitracker While we’re having a Nintendo DS-laden week, I thought I might mention that I got tipped off (thanks, Laurence) that the popular, multi-platform tracker Chibitracker has made its way to the DS. Consider this a rumor posted in the hopes of prodding the developer to release the ROM file.

That said, readers, what’s your favorite tracker of choice — particularly when it comes to a “tracker to go” on your mobile device? (If I could get one running on Java, I could set up a Blackberry tracker — surely that friendly QWERTY keyboard could come in handy.)

  • Jason Grlicky

    LSDJ all the way. The prospect of trackers on the DS playing nice with external MIDI gear (without a lot of fuss) could sway me though 🙂

  • LSDJ Fans should be swayed by Littlepiggytracker, almost on its 1.0 release!

    Check out the ghetto version cause you get


    Bettur Midi

    Sample Browser


    New File Browser@@@

    Looper sync mode, auto sync you loops to tempo

    and much much much more


  • And both of those also support MIDI output, right? (links? can't remember where I stashed them…)

  • radian

    Milky Tracker on smartphone.

  • @radian: which phone do you use?

    Wish we had more Linux smartphones in the US. Erm … any Linux smartphones. Soon, I suspect.

    Speaking of MilkyTracker, there's something tantalizing on their website at the moment. 😉

  • LSDj supports mainly midi sync slaving (a bit of midi input but not too used I believe).

    LGPT supports midi clock out and midi instrument triggering. Obviously, the two make a good pair: one master, one slave 🙂

    Milky is going open source AFAIK, that might be one of the surprise along the way.

    The developper of chibi said on the GP3x forum that it runs on DS, but I failed to get any more information about it.

  • jade

    Only tried nitrotracker on my ds, but my tracker skills are quite lame. Remember making realy akward stuff with fasttracker back in the days.

  • krimaus

    Little gptracker- Brilliant seq structure of course but the sample warping capabilities are the place where the engine really wins. That and the fact that the dev marc is so dedicated and so willing to chat about ideas for it make this my favorite mobile app. About to go into v1.0.

    LSDJ- Hardly worth going on about at this point… innovative, fast, and sounds great.

    Nitrotracker- feature light so far but the interface is very well thought out, Ive been stalking the gbadev thread and i think the intended spec will (eventualy) cover a lot of interesting ground.

    Milkytracker- I tried it on a pda and whilst it was really solid and well thought out i found the touchscreen a bit ropey for control. Mobile trackers seem to work better with a dpad or dpad plus stylus than a stylus on its own. That said milky has been the most complete mobile tracker for a long old time so it deserves a lot of love. I think the code is being released soon so who knows what ll happen.

    Sunvox- Really like the lovely patchable synth/sample engine and would be a real winner for me if it wasnt for the fact that its a pda/smartphone app. Worth watching.. but im not buying more mobile hardware just to run it.

  • ryan

    Indeed – Milkytracker's source was released today! Can't wait for someone to do a DS port of it.

  • I'm a milky guy as well. But on a laptop. I don't have a fancy phone yet.

  • you can also use lsdj as midi clock master with special hardware.

  • vengeful parasite

    I think Laurence was lying to you.

  • vengeful parasite

    o nm

  • NitroTracker for DS, as long as you have plenty of samples and experience.