Adam Dworak aka DJ Destruction writes to let us know he’s finished a video review of the ZERO8:

Via the DJ Destruction blog.

About halfway through, he gets to some hands-on demos with the internal effects and controllers, which demonstrates some of what makes the ZERO8 unique. Thanks for sharing this one, Adam!

Adam’s rig — the mixer, a DJ app (Virtual DJ), and use of the internal mixer and effects — qualify him as what is likely the target audience for the ZERO8. And you can see he’s pretty happy using it in that way.

We have heard some dissent, though, from people who wanted to use the ZERO8 for live laptop performance with Ableton Live, or with DJ sets that push the envelope a bit into the live performance area. In fairness, that may not have been the ZERO’s target audience, but as it is a target audience for CDM, I’ll be interested to see what gear can fit the bill.

Also, I don’t like to bring up anecdotal evidence, but do any ZERO owners out there know if Korg was able to resolve the “hiss problem” we heard readers complaining about?

What about the alternatives?

For various reasons I remain interested in the Ecler line. I don’t think it’s immediately comparable to the ZERO, but its focus on combining MIDI control and mixing features make it very interesting to the Ableton crowd. That’s nothing against the Korg kit, but in this emerging category, it may be closer to what this niche wants. I hope to look more at that soon. See our previous story (which also includes commentary on the Korg, so I’m not the only one making the comparison):

MIDI + Mixing: Ecler EVO4 DJ Mixer Specs, EVO5 Update

  • use VIMEO folks. the quality is soooo much better.

    anyway, thx for the review.

  • that was brief and hardly a review. i would have loved to hear more in-depth about each feature.

    how is it as a firewire input device?

    how responsive is the XY?

    is the integration seamless?


    maybe i'm just wanting something more comprehensive vs. generic overview. ho-humm.

  • Check your YouTube settings. My Account > Video Playback Quality > I have a fast connection.

    Vimeo's still better, and it's what we certainly prefer around here, but at least you'll make YouTube a little less painful.

    Just wrote up here:

  • Oh yeah, and I'll keep my head down for other reviews — but Adam, care to respond to those questions?

  • Sure!


    -Firewire input device, this is actually the reason i bought this. The latency is awesome, and the quality is really good. I especially like the preamps. XY is pretty responsive, no where near as nice as my prodjpc though…the korg's touchscreen is soft, not glass.

    Integration, very seamless. This is my new audio hub. It does whatever I need.


    I use ableton and deckance with this too. I think it would be serious overkill for anyone using virtual dj, cue, pcdj, traktor, etc. I've only had a little time to play with an evo5. What I like about the evo is the build quailty. I keep my Korg in a case at all times, but the ecler I would be ok with it travelling in a backpack.

    Also, on the hiss issue, my unit does not put out much noise. There is some noise but when I am about 1-2 feet away from my monitors I cant hear it. I know this isn't a quantitative measure, but I'm trying to shed some light. In a club this is not an issue, but I see why people would be worried if they use lots of outboard gear.

  • Champ

    The hiss problem might be ground loop feedback…

    Are the computer and mixer plugged into the same circuit?

    I know when I use Traktor, if my laptop an my mixer are both plugged in to the same surge protector I get that 60hz hum, but as soon as I unplug the laptop the noise goes right away.

  • Dodeca

    Korg have officially acknowledged the hiss issue. Something about inputs being run too hot internally, and thus not-resolvable by a firmware upgrade, although it appears they are working hard on a hardware fix.

    Regardless, it looks like Korg built a turd.….….….

  • I'll give that a try this weekend, but its not a 60hz hum, i would recognize that immediately. It is white noise. I have everything plugged into two furmans, but we all know that they are just glorified extension cords 🙂

  • Looks pretty deluxx,

    but did he say flaynger?

  • Sold mine.

    Looking to get a VCM-600 instead.

    Essentially, for Ableton use, this is way overkill, and has several issues with work-flow.

    For example – how do you have any plugins over the master channel? It rules out using the individual outputs, unless you then want to sum it in the Korg, then feed it back into the computer, through a channel, and back out – incurring an extra round of latency in the process. I was internally summing for the master buss, but still sending channels out individually for reference signal indication on the channels, but the new BIOS update basically broke that functionality for me.

    As a DJ mixer – I was never sold on it either – I have gone back to an Empath. I feel it is better sounding in the role, the EQs are more to my liking, and I don't really miss the effects, which ended up sounding, like, well, effects on a DJ mixer (some of you might get what I am at there). Essentially, I ended up using all internal (VST) effects, filters and EQs, rendering the inbuilt DSP redundant. Things like the 'drawing eq' are cool in concept, but I don't really see a practical use for them. If I want them, I will either get a Kaoss Pad, or probably go back to guitar pedals…

    I can see it would be useful if it was the only mixer/interface you had in the studio, but the reality is, it doesn't sound as good as my Lavry/RME system, doesn't functionally work as well as my Rane DJ Mixer, and for me, just became a really, really expensive and bulky midi controller.

    Additionally, it crashed on me a few times to many, and using the SPIDIF output on it caused things to go really wrong.

    Adam – if you want a cool little midi translator preset that turns the EQ selector button into a series of CC commands for use in something like Ableton, just hit me up at my website.

    BTW – I have gotten fairly picky about my kit over the years, so take this all with a grain of salt… 😉

  • detroiter

    I was gearing up to buy a NAMM floor model of the Zero8 when I found out about the hissing issue. I backpedaled even faster when I caught wind of the Vestax VCM-600. Also a Live user, I found the Zero8 is definitely overkill as compared to the VCM-600.

  • Nikit@

    Thisssssssssssssssss issssssssssssssssss the Sound of the KORG ZERO 8 ……………….


  • well, as far as the hiss goes, if you lower your monitors to 25% and run the mixer really hot, (its meant to be run that way) , its not really audible..

    i like it for messing with lives tracks in the audio realm…, i like the control faders,

    the hiss will be resolved.. its hardly an issue if you run it hot

  • Quirk Street

    Is this the same SPlurt from korgforums?

    At the start of the threads you seemed pretty fired up – I'm on the verge of buying this mixer, which appears to be a great piece of kit – should I go ahead and buy now?

  • Ayhan

    Hi i´ve bought the korg zero 8 some months back and i really like what you can do with the mixer.

    But there are some built in problems.

    First is the Hiss problem

    Second is the low output from the headphone jack

    Third it that i can be some digital disturbence when you use ableton live and other applications at the same time.

    My zero 8 has been in for serivce for 2 months

    at the general agent in sweden. The discorvered the hiss problem and the low output. But could check the software issuse with ableton because their bosses won´t give them the software.

    They have been telling me for awhile that it will come a fix, a hardware one. But still after 2 months they haven´t fix anything. When i ask why korg wound´t give an answer the agency say that is complicate and he can´t tell my how it works with their communications.

  • Ayhan

    Now i´ve have got news from korg via the general agent em nordic. Korg says everything is in order to the specifations. Have the listen to the damged mixers.They offer a kit that makes the digital master output to an analog output then the hiss disapears. But there wasn´t any thing wrong. Korg sell this kit to you. Korg really don´t care about the consumers. I really the mixer but korg.

    they closed donwn the aswell.

    My reatiler as been a good help, he will pay everything but em nordic and korg…

  • Glenn Frantz

    how to assign the cue headphone using ableton!!!! or how to find the 3/4 output on ableton



  • Dave S

    Would there be a hissing noise if I used this mixer without the firewire card? Meaning I would use my Native Instruments Audio 8 sound card to control my time coded vinyl.

    I know it sound pointless to use this mixer w/o using the firewire card, but it seems to offer a lot more.

  • been using the zero8 for a year and never had a problem with the hiss, had it plugged via the guitat type plugs into a surround sound type amp, worked sweet, just got some new amped monitors and plugged it in via xlr and the hiss is there… generally working with it for a year i think they have over complicated it, would have been nice to controll the effects in ableton and it auto route the indavidual channels to individual channels… also recording audio into the daw is not that great, be prepaired for a big learning curve

  • Picked up a Zero 4. This hiss is very easily audible on my Adam A7 self-powered monitors when:

    1) A7's turned up to -8dB (about 75%) power.

    2) All volume faders, all gains, all FX, absolutely everything is turn down all the way to zero on the mixer.

    3) Nothing is plugged into the Zero 4 except the power cord, and the 2 XLR master outputs. Hiss also occurs when using 1/4" booth outputs.

    Korg continues to adapt the philosophy that running your mixer at the hottest levels possible, and your monitors at the lowest levels possible, is the solution to this hiss problem. While that is a solution, I don't feel it is an acceptable one for a mixer costing this much. Not to mention when you gig out you don't always have this option.

    I am going to attempt to get the repair fix, as I have an authorized service center in my city.

  • Reggie

    OK 3 Years 2010 and NO Vista 64 Driver support

    Need I say more.

    Mine is an expensive Paper weight.

    Shame on Korg, I wont even think about buying any more of their products.